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8 Skin Care and Health Essentials for Every Traveler

By Katrina Torres @ExcursionistaPh
8 Skin Care and Health Essentials for Every Traveler

Traveling comes with many things that can cause your body some major problems. Dry skin is inevitable in cold climates, for instance, while you're susceptible to sunburn in hot destinations. If you're exploring the local cuisine, remember that not every food will agree with your stomach. The unfamiliar climate, a local virus, or even fatigue can also make you sick.

As such, it's always important to carry certain health essentials with you whenever you travel. Here are eight things you'll be needing.


Though it's a must-pack for hot places like Bangkok, sunblock should always be in your carry-on no matter where you're going. The sun is still in the sky, even when it's cloudy. And whatever the sun touches, so do UV rays. Since you'll be out walking during your travels, make sure that you're always wearing at least a 30 SPF sunblock.


Cold air sucks the moisture out of your skin, causing dryness. At its mildest form, your skin wrinkles. However, if left dry for too long, it could cause cracks and eventually bleeding. If your destination is a bit chilly, put on some moisturizer before you step outside. Dermatologists on Today say not to forget about the lips, and they recommend Burt's Bee lip oil to both hydrate and protect them from the dry air.


Every night, it's good practice to use a cleanser and remove all the dirt stuck to your face. This keeps your skin clean, which lessens the chances of a breakout happening. After all, no one wants pimples on their faces when their photo is being taken.


After applying your cleanser, consider adding a toner to your routine as well. Toners close your pores, lowering the chance of contaminants sneaking into your skin the following day. Just make sure to check-in your cleanser, toner, and other big bottles at the airport. International travel rules state that no bottled liquids more than 100mL are allowed in your carry-on.

Dry Shampoo

If you're traveling cross-country in a rented van, on a nature hike, or on any other travel activity without immediate access to a shower, your scalp should never suffer as a result. If you don't remove all the grime, health blogger Carolyn Steber warns that it could clog your pores and cause hair to fall out. Oil can also accumulate around your hair shaft, causing itchiness and flaking. Dry shampoo grants you all the benefits of a regular shampoo, without the need to rinse it with water.

Hangover Pills

If you're the type who enjoys immersing yourself in the local nightlife, then the last thing you want is to waste the entire day after nursing a throbbing headache. For this reason, carrying some hangover pills could be useful. Pretty Me's review of the Wrecover hangover pill notes how they contain Vitamin C and D, as well as other minerals. So not only can they prevent hangovers, these pills also boast antioxidant support to help cleanse your body. This ensures that you're healthy enough to travel the next day. Then again, no medicine can help you recover if you party too hard. It's important to be responsible.

Sanitation Essentials

8 Skin Care and Health Essentials for Every Traveler
8 Skin Care and Health Essentials for Every Traveler

Once the travel ban is lifted, it still helps to be extra cautious. Always have liquid soap, wipes, 70% ethyl alcohol, and other sanitary essentials in your body bag at all times. In fact, practicing good hygiene will not only keep the current virus away, but all other viruses, too.

Medicine Kit

Nobody wants to be sick during their travels. But should it happen, have medicine at the ready. Physician Amit Chandra lists a couple of remedies that every traveler should carry. This includes but is not limited to ibuprofen for pain relief, paracetamol for fevers, imodium for stomach aches, allergy pills, and more. Also include an antibacterial ointment and some Band-Aids for the occasional scrape.

Travel is tough on the body, but having the health essentials can help make the experience a lot better. You don't want your fun cut short all because of a sick bug or a breakout.

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