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8 Products for Indoor and Urban Gardening

By Dwell @dwell
At this point in the planting season, your friends and neighbors may already have neatly arranged rows of starter plants in their backyard, or pots on their balcony starting to sprout CSA-worthy veggies. But even if your apartment is bare thus far, that doesn’t mean there aren’t easy ways for you to get a little green in your life. Dwell found an array of products and planters perfect for urban living, small spaces, and indoor growing. Slideshow Led light for indoor gardening

Bulbo Quadra and Cynara

Part of the movement to utilize LED lights to popularize and expand indoor farming, Bulbo adds a touch of Italian panache to your indoor soil-and-seed endeavors. The unobtrusive design and light footprint—the Cynara, pictured above, looks like a small, overturned pot—make them easy to use in a variety of situations.

Photo by Ottavio Montanari

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