8 Places To Visit In Poland In Winter For A Peaceful Vacay

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Poland is a country which is situated in Central Europe. It has been divided further into 16 subdivisions, and it covers an area of 312,696 kilometers. In this world, there are few countries which are best to visit in different seasons. Poland is a famous country for visiting during the winter season. Poland has become a holiday spot as tourists love to visit various places of Poland during the time of winter.

Weather In Poland In Winter

8 Places To Visit In Poland In Winter For A Peaceful Vacay

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The weather in Poland is sometimes rainy and snowy and tourists spend the winter holidays in Poland by visiting various places. The weather conditions in Poland changes a lot, and it is divided into major four seasons. Poland in winter is famous all over the world, and usually, the winter temperature in Poland varies from 25°C to 35°C. Poland is very cold during January and February. The winter weather in Poland reaches 0°C at the time of extremely cold conditions.

Places To Visit in poland In Winter

Here are the top places to visit in Poland in winter and spend a fantastic holiday. Check them out!


8 Places To Visit In Poland In Winter For A Peaceful Vacay

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One of the best places to visit in Poland in winter is Zakopane. This town is a very busy one, and there are numerous things to do in Zakopane. The most famous thing which tourists choose to do in Zakopane is skiing during the time of holidays in winter.
The most famous resort in Zakopane is Kotelnica Bialczanska. It is renowned for skiing and enjoying holidays. A person could perfectly spend the holidays by skiing in the resort near Zakopane during the time of 1st springs of the calendar. If a person finds it unfavorable to ski in the winter season, then he could check out the thermal pools.

It is a great experience to relax in a Jacuzzi and a sauna after skiing in the cold weather, and there are various slides also for enjoyment. One could experience various activities like a snowmobile, sleigh ride, ice skating or even ski touring. It is very crowded during winter, but still, it is worth visiting.

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2.Chocholowska Valley

8 Places To Visit In Poland In Winter For A Peaceful Vacay

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Hiking trip along the Chocholowska valley when the temperature is around minus 17 degrees is mind-boggling. It is a great experience, and it requires a lot of courage to travel in such weather conditions.

Most of the trails in Tatra are closed in winter due to danger. If a person is interested in hiking, then he should surely visit Five Ponds Valley. It is a very popular place during the summer, and it looks very beautiful during the time of winter because it is empty. A person has to have hiking poles, hiking shoes and also crampons to visit here.

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3.Izerskie Mountains

8 Places To Visit In Poland In Winter For A Peaceful Vacay

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Even during the time of warm winters, there are great chances of snowfall in Izerskie Mountains. The coldest place in Poland is Izerskie Mountains and the season of skiing lasts for the longest time in here. The weather in here is so cold that the temperature might fall below 0°C even during the time of summer season.

The facility of cross-country skiing is best in Izerskie Mountains in entire Poland. There is a skiing route of more than 100 kilometers in the side of Czech and Polish of the mountains. If a person is interested in downhill skiing, then Ski Arena which is located in Szklarska Poreba is the best place for skiing in entire Poland.

There are excellent accommodations also available in Szlarska Poreba. A person could enjoy the winters in Poland by skiing and visiting different places. A person need not worry about accommodations in entire Poland as there are proper facilities available for it.

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4.Wisla & Ustron

8 Places To Visit In Poland In Winter For A Peaceful Vacay

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Another place to try skiing is Wisla & Ustron. The best place to ski in this area is Stozek. The reason behind it being the best place is because the slope is very long and diversified. If the weather conditions are not proper, then a person could spend some time in the aquapark of Hotel Golebiewski. If a person is not into skiing, then he could take a trip to Istebna, Jaworzynka or Koniakow. It is known as tri-village. And a unique thing about them is that each and every place has something new to offer. In Jaworzynka, a person could take a walk to a place called tripoint where the borders of Slovakia, Czech, and Poland are meeting. The museum of Jerzy Kukuczka who is a famous Polish climber is a great place to see in Istebna. The lace products of Koniakow are very famous. A person could find sexy underwear as well as fantastic lace tablecloths. Wisla is famous for one more reason, and that is Adam Malysz who was a famous ski jumper of Poland.


8 Places To Visit In Poland In Winter For A Peaceful Vacay

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The best ski resort in Poland which is Szczyrkowski is located in Szczyrk. They are currently having a ski slope of more than 40 km, and they are even planning to increase it. tourists need to look at a map at this ski resort in Poland to decide for a place to go.

If a person chooses Szczyrk, then there is also an option to hike Skrzyczne or Klimczok which are the highest peaks of Silesian Beskids. It is an excellent start for trekking in winter. It is necessary to have trekking shoes and also hiking poles. If the weather conditions are not good, then a person could take a trip to Bielsko Biala. It is a very famous city of Poland, and it is considered to be the home of Bolek and Lolek who were the most famous Polish cartoons. There is even a monument of them in Bielsko.

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6.Swietokrzyskie Mountains

8 Places To Visit In Poland In Winter For A Peaceful Vacay

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These are one of the oldest mountains in entire Europe. A person who visits these mountains in any other season and then again visits it during winter then they would feel like they are discovering the place again because the same trails look very different during the time of winter season. During winter season they are considered to be prime tourist attractions. A person who wishes to hike the Crown of the Polish Mountains should visit this place in winter. The perfect place to begin the hiking is a village named Swieta Katarzyna. It is just a 1-hour walk from there to Lyrica which is the highest mountain in the entire area. This mountain is located close to Kielce.

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8 Places To Visit In Poland In Winter For A Peaceful Vacay

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The wildest mountains of Poland are not among the most popular and famous places of Poland to visit in winter, but they are wrong about it. The views from these wild mountains are spectacular, and the hiking of trails is fantastic.
The mountains of Bieszczady are not much of tourist attraction in Poland in winter. This could also count as an advantage for tourists who wish to stay away from crowds and even for the tourists who want to stay connected with nature.

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8 Places To Visit In Poland In Winter For A Peaceful Vacay

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Polish Spisz is a historical and geographical land between Pieniny and Podhale. If you are enjoying skiing in Bialka Tatrzanska, then you can enjoy the holidays in Podhale, but if you are going for the slopes which are in Jurgow or Czarna Gora, then you would end up in Spisz.

The Spisz of Poland is consisting of 14 villages which are very beautiful and full of peace, amazing paths for walking and also offering tranquility. Spisz is worth visiting during any time of the year but still visiting Spisz in winter has its enjoyment.

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Poland is an amazing place with natural beauty, and its beauty increases to a great extent during the winter season. The above guide is very helpful for tourists who wish to plan an international trip to Poland for winter holidays. All the above places are on the list of best places to visit in Poland in winter to enjoy to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions About Poland In Winter

Q. What is the best time to visit Poland?

A. The months of March, April and October are the peak tourist months but if one wants to enjoy the snow and skiing then they can plan a trip during the winters.

Q. Which are the winter months in Poland?

A. Winter in Poland extends from November till February.

Q. How cold is Poland in winter?

A. Poland is quite cold during the winter season with temperatures often below 0°C.

Q. Does it snow in Poland?

A. Yes, it snows in between December to February in Poland and it is a great time to enjoy skiing here.

Q. Where is the best Christmas market in Poland?

A. Christmas in Poland is one of the most festive periods. Some of the famous Christmas markets here are:
1. Wroclaw Christmas Market
2. Krakow Christmas Market

Q. What can I do in Poland in winter?

A. Some of the things to do in Poland in winter are:
1. Enjoy skiing
2. Relax in a thermal pool
3. Hike to Five Ponds Valley

Q. How many days are enough for Poland?

A. Plan a trip of at least 7 to 10 days for a great time during the winter season in Poland.

8 Places To Visit In Poland In Winter For A Peaceful Vacay



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