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8 "OMG YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS" Spring Cleaning Tips!

By Cait @caitscozycorner
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While were waiting on our new house to be built, there are a few things I'm enjoying doing while we hang with my parents for a few months..and that's cleaning! Nope you heard me right, I really actually enjoy that chore but it's because I'm able to keep my time to spring clean down to about 10-20 minutes per day which means MORE time with my kids. I've even shared a few of these with my parents and they are already making some changes to how they clean their home!

1. HANGER TRICK- Think you have nothing to wear?! Turn on your hangers  ( my favorites are HERE ) the opposite direction and at the end of the month survey what you haven't turned around. This is an easy indication of what you love/choose to wear every day.
2. STAINS ON CLOTHES - Found on a stain on your favorite shirt? Soak it in a solution with two parts milk and one part white vinegar overnight, then wash per usual. STAIN BE GONE! I've done it a few times and it's work every single time!

3. CADDYS - If you have multiple bathrooms, put a bucket of various products in each bathroom. This will help you save the time of running around from the kitchen back to the bathroom. My fav bathroom caddy is HERE.
4. CANDLES- the family room is one my favorite places of the house so I love refreshing it with a warm scented candle.

5.  REFRESH CARPET - Since this room usually has a lot of traffic, I like to refresh the carpet with THIS refresher and THIS one too. It keeps the room smelling nice and clean plus easy to vacumm up while continue working.

6. DETERGENT- The best feeling is falling asleep in incredible smelling sheets or even better not having to wear perfume or cologne because your clothes smell so good. THIS detergent is my MUST for everything. I'm obsessed and so are my friends!
7. NO NEED TO SORT CLOTHES- Hate sorting through the whites/darks of your clothes? Wash each child's laundry separately with 1/2 cup of white vinegar ( plus detergent ) to keep the colors from running. Because the acid in distilled white vinegar is strong enough to break down detergent's alkalies ( it's more effective at the cleaning part ) but it's also mild enough to preserve and soften materials!
8. PET HAIR - When we had our cats, there was fur everywhere in our home. One thing that always helped if I couldn't find my beloved lint roller was grabbing a dishwashing glove. Rub the glove rapidly on the upholstery and it begins to build up an electrical charge. The hair will then stick to it! Toss it the trash when your done! So simple!
Share some of your OMG YOU NEED TO TRY THISspring cleaning tips with me! 

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