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8 Killer Ways Of Getting More Comments To Your Blog Post

Posted on the 25 February 2013 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Getting people to comment on your blog might look hard but in real sense, it doesn’t or does it? Well commenting can play a big role in the blogging world like; it shows how engaged a blog is, it even goes a long way to show how interactive and interesting your blog posts are. Whether you like to admit it or not, blog commenting gives you that word we call “credibility”.


Every bloggers that are into blogging today needs comment(s) because without comment, your blog will look like a desert which will give the impression that your blog post is BORING and your website do not have engagement (much) which is bad for business. With those great comments playing with your blog post, will even tell search engine that “hey! My post is alive so put it on the first page”

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If you have not been receiving comments on your blog I totally understand what you’re going through because at a time I was in that same shoe till I accidentally stumbled on a post about getting comments to ones blog by Adrienne Smith. After reading her post, I was inspired because she was also in that same shoe at a time and now she receives 100s of comments on each of her posts (the comment queen

). This gave me hope that me too can get at least some comments on my blog (even if I don’t get as much). On the long run, I started getting some comments. The reason I am getting some few comments on my blog is not because I’m popular or good enough but because I’m showing love and I am getting the love back in return which I feel is great. Well the tricks of getting comments is not that hard but still, it is very hard for any lazy blogger. Do you want commentators to comment on your blog? Then hey! Follow this few steps I learned from the queen of comment herself…


Ok guys! The first step on my list will be…

comment on my blog post

1. Get people to read your blog: The first thing any blogger should be thinking about is how to get people reading their content, right? This involves the scope of traffic. With traffic you can get people coming to your blog every day, reading your blog post which is a good thing, right? When you get people visiting you, at least few will want to drop a thank you comment (if your content is helpful), But what if the reader come to your blog and discovered that your content sucks! Which takes us to our number two (2) step, which is…?


2. Good content: With a good and informative content, your reader will surely stay longer than usual and even make them engage with you (your blog) even more. But good content just doesn’t cut it; you need to write the post like you are explaining to your readers in real life. Try to add that thing called twist, feelings and also sprinkle that thing called flavor to the series so it will look more interesting and keep your readers thinking; “where is he going” or “how did he do it”.

Once your post has all in one, it will make your readers “wow” and always wanting to come back for more. That’s a fact or is it not?

Even with your interesting content, you wouldn’t just end the show just like that; you need to give the speech one last flavor which draws us to our next tips.

3. Ask and it shall be given: Feeling shy to ask? Or feeling you’re the superman of our time? Hey! Put that hat down and ask your reader for comment. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt if you ask for comment but just do it the way they’ll want to comment like;

Ask questions at the end of your post

Ask for comment contributions

Ask for comments and thoughts

Doing these, you will not believe how some good and faithful readers will drop something. I believe that the reason you’re not seeing or getting any comment is because you’re just not asking for. Some readers who read your post wants to be reminded so hey! Give them the reminder. Start asking and it shall be given unto you


4. Give them reason to comment: This part will be shared in two parts which are;

* Use the “ReplyMe” plugin for your blog and you’ll be glad you did. Many people will come to your blog either by Google or other means and drop a comment and when they leave your blog, they’ll not remember your URL address to come check what their reply will be which sucks. Those kinds of people are known as passerby, but you can always bring those people back to your blog and making them your faithful readers/ commenters, but how do we do that? When you install the ReplyMe plugin, if somebody leaves a comment on your blog and you reply the person, the person will receive a message in his/ her email that their comment has been answered. she/ he can read the reply from their mail and maybe come back for more comments. So you see that this plugin can even engage more.

* Many bloggers are looking for ways to promote their recent blog post and your blog might be that area for them to perform such. How do I mean; install that plugin called comentLuv so when a blogger stop by your blog, they’ll want to comment. What commentluv does is; will fetch out your recent posts and display it below your comment when you make a comment on a commentluv enabled blog. How awesome can that get?

Note: If you are using commentluv premium, they have already embed the ReplyMe plugin to it to make its feature even more interesting.

Hey! Before you’ll actually get that comment you need to shower some love to other bloggers and communities that are (commentLuv enabled). This brings us to our next tip.

5. Comment on other blogs: Do you show other bloggers love by commenting on their blog? Are you telling me you’re too busy to comment? Then why do you blog? Blog commenting on other blogs bring connection as well as comment back to you.

There are some bloggers who returns the favor when you comment on their website/ blog but some don’t but whichever the case is, comment to as many blog as possible. Even if the owner of that blog does not return the favor, some other commentators on that blog will actually stumble on your blog and make that comment. Don’t worry, as long as that blog is commentluv enabled and you drop a lovely and catchy comment, they’ll visit and drop you a comment

My advice to you is when you see a comment on your blog always reply to every single one and make sure to visit the commenters blog and return the favor. With this, you will surely get some faithful commentators. I’m I right or I’m I right?

6. Simple comment form: Where do you want me to comment? Do you want me to signup before I can make a comment? Gosh! Ok bye bye…

How is your comment section area? Is it the kind that makes people (bloggers like me and you) wants to comment? Hey buddy you need to have a good comment system that encourage people to comment. For your information; I will never register with your blog just to make a comment; if I want to register on your blog, it has to be on freewill and not you forcing me to. Goodbye bro I am moving on to the next blog to ask my question.

The default wordpress comment section is okay but why would you put a difficult comment box? If you have an answer please use the comment box to answer it so i’ll know your reason.

7. Pray for your work to be fruitful: keep praying and doing some tweak that will come in handy. Who knows you might be the next Comment queen or king


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I have said so much about so much now let me transfer the story to you. Do you have readers commenting on you blog? How this you do it? What step did you take? Please do drop your reply and views using the comment box below so we can learn from it. Do you have other comments and thoughts you’d like to share? Then please do by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments, thoughts and contributions are very precious and important to us.

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