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8 Instagram Accounts That’ll Make You Love Chicago Even More

By Urbanmatter Chicago @UMatterChicago

See Chicago in a different light… and filter

Instagram, Instragram, Instagram. With over 600 million users, who do you choose to follow? If you need more local inspiration in your feed, we’ve got you covered. There are tons of people posting amazing shots of our city, but we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites that definitely deserve a follow. From streetscapes to architecture to food to pedestrian life, these Instagrammers make us proud to call Chicago our town.

Graham Chapman – @gh_chapman

Scrolling through this local photographer’s Insta feed is like taking a walk through every corner of the city. Crisp images of the city’s people and places make these shots feel very real and very “Chicago.”

chicago instagram accounts

Photo Credit: @gh_chapman

André Bayard – @a.m.bayard

This Chicago transplant from Seattle plays with light and form to create eye-catching views of the city’s most iconic places, and can even make ordinary nooks and crannies look extraordinary.

chicago instagram accounts

Photo Credit: @a.m.bayard

Razvan Sera – @razdood

This aerial photographer has a way of making Chicago look expansive and larger-than-life. If you ever want to see Chicago in literally all of its glory, this is the dude to follow.

chicago instagram accounts

Photo Credit: @razdood

Nick Gerber – @realnickgerber

Photos on this Insta feed are vibrant and crystal clear, with stunning shots of the city’s landscape, sharp close-ups, elegant portraits, and day-to-day shots of indoor leisure and tasty eats.

chicago instagram accounts

Photo Credit: @realnickgerber

Erica Eckman – @everythingerica

Follow Erica for, you guessed it, everything! This lifestyle account has sprinkles of different aspects of her life in Chicago from her own recipes to her cute baby girl. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love her.

chicago instagram accounts

Photo Credit: @everythingerica

Paul Octavious – @pauloctavious

If you’re looking for shots highlighting Chicago’s charm, look no further. You’ll see everything from simple to wild in this amazing feed that looks remarkably three-dimensional.

Photo Credit: @pauloctavious

Photo Credit: @pauloctavious

Matt Lohmus – @chicagomatt

Chicago Matt, aka Matt Lohmus, will give you a fresh perspective of the city. His shots of Chicago’s architecture will make you stop and look around at the beauty some of us take for granted each day.

Photo Credit: @chicagomatt

Photo Credit: @chicagomatt

Sherrie Tan – @sherriesavorsthecity

You may know Sherrie Tan without even realizing it. When she’s not posting delicious food from around Chicago, she’s making it herself at Sweet Mandy B’s. Watch out, this page will make you hungry. Exhibit A: These monster cookies.

Photo Credit: @sherriesavorsthecity

Photo Credit: @sherriesavorsthecity

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