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8 DIY ‘little Jobs’ Left Undone in the Average Home

Posted on the 01 May 2014 by 72point @72hub

A staggering 208 million ‘little jobs’ currently need attention in Britain’s homes, a study has found. Research revealed Brits are putting off an incredible array of tasks, including cleaning stained walls and carpets and repairing cracked tiles and broken loo seats.

Squeaky floorboards and broken garden sheds are also on the average to-do list, according to the study.

It also emerged a large number of the ‘little jobs’ have been outstanding for a year or more.

Furthermore the average home – of which there are more than 26 million in the UK – has eight jobs waiting for some attention, two of which are unlikely to ever be fixed.

The survey was carried out to mark the launch of Sarah Beeny’s book, ‘100 DIY jobs‘; which provides a ‘how to’ on little jobs such as painting walls and doors and unblocking sinks and toilets.

Sarah Beeny said:

”DIY is understandably daunting to many people and the fact that families are so busy means these jobs are easily forgotten about.

”Brits need to build their confidence in getting things fixed in their homes as many don’t take as long as you would expect.”

These little jobs are proving to be costly for many, as the average cost of DIY needing to be done in the average home totals £638.64.

If these tasks were to be done by a professional, the average household would be looking at almost double that – £1,250.38.

That leaves the average DIY-wise household saving £600 by learning some more DIY skills.

Other issues around the home are loose chair legs, broken kitchen cupboards and torn wallpaper.

Blocked sink plug holes, broken door bells and cracked skirting boards are also causing Brits to feel embarrassed about their property.

Despite the completion of these tasks resting solely on the homeowner, almost half are embarrassed by the state of their home.

In fact more than a third would describe their level of DIY ability as novice, and over half of Brits will always need to turn to instructions or a manual before carrying out a job.

Unfortunately, DIY tends to cause arguments between couples despite many saying they would trust their partner to fix any issues lying around the house.

And it seems that dad would also be one of the few people homeowners would trust to fix anything that has gone wrong in the home.

But those who do finally get round to getting those little DIY jobs completed are quite happy to boast to friends and family about their success.

Sarah Beeny added:

”Getting these tasks done should be high up on the to do list, a home in good working order can really add to its value if you ever decide to sell”.


1. Stained Walls
2. Stained Carpet
3. Torn wallpaper
4. Squeaky floorboards
5. Flaking wall paint
6. Cracked tiles
7. Broken garden shed
8. Broken kitchen cupboard
9. Broken loo seat
10. Blocked sink plug hole

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