8 Best Boxing Games For Android For Adrenaline Rush

Posted on the 04 November 2020 by Elango Emperor @scopelearner

There are various reasons why people love boxing. For most of us, it seems like a tough sport and afraid to play. Sometimes we play some best boxing games for android. Even the game creates an adrenalin rush.
Now take a look at the list of the toughest sport by ESPN rankings.

It’s a tough game, but at least we can try boxing on our mobile phone. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. Anyone can’t get the exact feel boxing through a game. I know, but we try to bring a little bit of adrenalin rush by these games.

There are various boxing games with different themes to it. Some boxing games are filled with fantasy elements like magical gloves and powers. Some are very realistic, and you can even the breathing of the fighter.

Best Boxing Games For Android:

We have handpicked some of the greatest boxing games for your phone. For those boxing lovers and fighting freaks, here are the best boxing games for android.

1. Real Boxing – Best Boxing Games For Android

The best and the greatest boxing game that I have ever played on android is Real Boxing. Yeah, it has its second version, but I still love the first game.

As its name suggests, the best part about this game is that the game is very realistic. Compared with other boxing games, this game has a lot of unique features like real-life punching techniques. The hands and punches are very realistic, and you know what? This game allows you to customize your characters.

If you are a boxing fan and love playing sports games, then you must try this game. Around a 50million gamers have already played this game.

Not everything is enjoyable about this game because this game has popup ads. The ads are not heavy, but the ads are ads, and ads ruin the user experience.

While talking about the graphics, this game has quite appreciable details in it. Definitely try this game; it really creates an adrenalin rush.

Features of Real Boxing:

  1. The graphics are great, and one of the most realistic games that you can find for android.
  2. It allows us to customize the characters, which is a great add up feature.
  3. The character movement and fighting moves are very realistic. 

Rating: 4.2/5

Price: Free

Download this best boxing game for android

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2. EA SPORTS UFC – Best Boxing Games For Android

The next best boxing game for android is EA Sports UFC. Well, like other EA games, the higher you pay, the higher power you are.

But apart from that, you will cool graphics and many boxing characters. It’s a great time killer, and the user interface is very addictive that you can’t stop playing this game.

It is a fascinating game for UFC lovers and one of the best fighting games you can get for android. As it is a boxing game, you can’t expect effects with blood when you punch. But don’t as me about the blood in the real UFC.

After playing for a few weeks, I kind of found that you can’t win any fight without paying. I mean, when you reach level 45, and you have 10000 health, probably your opponent paid more and matched you with 50000 health. It’s 500% more health than you. I know it’s really frustrating, but that’s the fact.

Best Boxing games for android: EA SPORTS UFC

Features of EA SPORTS UFC:

  • The graphics are really nice for an android game. It has all the features that give freedom of fighting with our opponent.
  • This game has a perfect sound effect; the punches and kicks are very satisfactory.
  • It has nicely done visuals, unique combat experience with action-packed gameplay.

Rating: 4.4/5

Price: Free

Download this best boxing game for android

3. Boxing Star – Best Boxing Games For Android

Up next, we have a cool cartoonish boxing game. I assured you that I would be talking about some fantasy boxing games with fantasy magical elements. This is such a game with fantasy elements like magical gloves and powers.

The graphics are not a realistic one, but it has addictive cartoonish graphics. It’s a unique boxing game, and I love playing it. I can’t stop playing because it’s too addictive. The game allows you to customize your boxer, which is actually a pretty good feature.

The first day, I was already where it would take me a couple of days on another game.

Oh, don’t get me started on the controls; these are the best controls I have ever played on a mobile game. Yeah, I know it’s not like dedicated mobile controls, but that’s pretty good on the phone. It’s a free game and worth trying on your android phone.

boxing star, best boxing game for android
Boxing Star

Features of Boxing Star:

  • Addictive graphics with fantasy elements. Moreover, the visual effects of the punches and kick match the fantasy theme.
  • Always keeps you engaged. It’s fascinating, and there’s plenty of achievements to work towards.

Rating: 4.4

Price: Free

Download this best boxing game for android

4. Real Steel Boxing Champions – Best boxing games for android

We have featured this game in many places, such as Best Offline multiplayer fighting game for android. This is one of the best robot boxing game that I have ever played in my life. It is always exciting to play in. Whenever I open this game, I feel really excited.

If you have ever watched the movie Real Steel Boxing, you will definitely know whats the game is about. Here is a short explanation for those who haven’t watched it.

Instead of humans, you play as a robot inside the boxing ring. It doesn’t sound fascinating, but you will enter into the world of fascination by playing the game. I am saying this because this is perfect in terms of graphics, controls, and user interface.

These are the main factors that make any gamer to get addicted to it. It is a good game, and if you’re looking for something to play, this is what you need to play.

best boxing games for android - Real steel boxing
Real Steel Boxing

Features of Real Steal Boxing:

  • Good graphics and a great collection of boxing robots. Choose whichever you like and fight in the ring.
  • Well optimized, and you can play this game smoothly on mid-range phones without any lag.
  • It has various modes and a wide range of robot collection, which is nearly 1500+ robots. Moreover, it has 10 exciting arenas.

Rating: 4.2/5

Price: Free

Download this best boxing games for android

5. Punch Boxing – Best Boxing Games For Android

Punch Boxing is another boxing game with polished overall graphics. Honestly, there is a very high chance that you get addicted to this game after the first 2 rounds.

I’ve been addicted to this game since I won my first two matches. But after that, I’ve been beaten by my opponent just because they paid to upgrade their player. This is seen in all kinds of games, so we are not going to scratch it very hard.

On the other hand, this game doesn’t have too many ads, which is pretty awesome. Apart from that, the graphics are enjoyable even it doesn’t contain realistic graphics.

This is because the best graphics are not just realistic elements but the overall user experience.

Punch Boxing 3D - best boxing games for android
Punch Boxing 3D

Moreover, this game contains more than 120+ uniforms and equipment. You can also level up by fighting many matches to show up in rankings. This is one of the best boxing games for android so check it out.

Features of Punch Boxing:

  • Punch Boxing offers one of the best graphics for a boxing game for this size. Moreover, the fighting moves are realistic.
  • There is over 120 equipment that you can put on our boxer to make them look awesome.
  • You can also Level up in gyms and prove your skills.

Rating: 4.3/5

Price: Free

Download this best boxing game for android

6. Ninja Punch Boxing – Best Boxing Game For Android

Ninja Punch Boxing Warrior
Ninja Punch Boxing Warrior

Moving on, we have another 3D punch boxing game. It is one of the best fighting games for android. You will get pretty good graphics and controls, and I am sure that you will not hate this game. I tried this game for the sake of listing the best boxing game. But honestly, the only annoying part that I felt about the game is the repetitive ads. Well, on the concern f the developer’s financial improvement, it is not a big deal. I am saying this because you don’t definitely want to pay money to win in higher ranks. It’s ok. Graphics look like they were from the 90s, and they’re really weren’t anything special or unique about this game. The good thing about it is you don’t have to spend money to increase your powers and health like most free games.

Features of Ninja Punch Boxing Warrior:

  • Decent graphics and great controls that give a smooth experience while playing.
  • Don’t need to spend money to win in boxing matches even at a high level.
  • You can choose and customize your character to fight in the ring. There is a wide range of equipment.

Rating: 4.2/5

Price: Free

Download this best Boxing Game For Android

7. Square Fists Boxing – Best Boxing Games For Android

Square Fists Boxing - Best Boxing Game for android
Square Fists Boxing

Have you ever wondered what is the funniest ay to play Boxing? It’s this, a pixel boxing game for android. Square Fists Boxing is such a kind with adorable characters. The best part is you will not create any aggression in you while playing this game. This is because who would get aggression for a boxing game like this. You do have customization options for your characters, and the customizing options are easy to use. Moreover, this game features a leaderboard to showcase the best boxers. I played the story mode, and it was enjoyable. It is so satisfying to knocking out the cute pixel boxers.

Features of Square Fists Boxing:

  • One of the best pixel boxing games for android that features simple controls and a good user interface.
  • Every round is filled with new surprises as you can identify new moves.
  • This boxing game has good graphics, and it’s entertaining knocking the opponent.

Rating: 4.7/5

Price: Free

Download this best boxing game for android

8. Real Boxing 2 – Best Boxing Games For android

This is the second game from the Real Boxing series. As I told already, real boxing games are one of the best boxing games for android. I am sure that you will love this game because of the realism of the gameplay. Just like the first game, this game has wonderful graphics with nicely done controls. I love the minute details that have been given to the game. I say this because the developer has concentrated on various minute things such as fighting moves to keep the game very realistic—moreover, the customization of each character, and the fact that you can upgrade unique. You can also play with your friends, so try this out with your friends.

Features of Real Boxing 2:

  • This game features one of the best realistic Boxing game for android. The graphics, visual effects, and sound effects are nicely done.
  • You can play with your friends as this game supports the PVP multiplayer.
  • Features a lot of boxers and various customization option

Rating: 4.3/5

Price: Free

Download this best boxing games for android

Conclusion: (Best Boxing games for android)

Well, that all for the list of boxing games for android. We personally test all the games that we have listed. Moreover, we have read the user’s rating and released this list.

You can try them out and find the best game that you love. Leave a comment saying any game that I left out and deserves a place on this list.

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