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8 Basic SEO Tips For Wordpress

Posted on the 09 April 2013 by Aryanbd1 @thearyanbd

8 Basic SEO tips For Wordpress 1.Optimized XHTML source
Almost all of the existing open source are a number of errors, and some errors can seriously affect the process of search engine indexing. And WordPress also not included in the exception.
The default theme of WordPress itself exists at many small errors, and especially when you install the plugin to expand or add a custom source code, especially the source code Flash or Javascripts, a photo. Try detect and repair these errors to your site more search engine friendly. You can check the error code XHTML W3C validation tools.
2. Theme for the Blog
Some of us tend to make one blog and the theme is everything in life revolves around cars, computers, SEO tips, computer tips, web design etc. This dilutes the theme on your blog and as a result specific search engines will not understand what your blog post on the topic and course in a competitive field, you will lose the opportunity to put rank high on the search results page.
Create a Blog with intensive field and focus on in this article. The unified content will give you a greater competitive position.
3.Title tag (Heading)
The use of the title tag gives you and your users many benefits. It helps article presents semantic coherence, to help readers easily track the content and the search engines easily identify important parts of the text and understand the site to talk about problems.
However, use heading tags requires little more effort you can post. Heading tag here is the tags h1, h2, h3, hx But the leading keyword and title of the blog should be placed in the h1, while the main part of the article should be placed in the h2 or h3 tags.
4.Optimizing images
Not only the content, the image also increases your traffic significantly 1. Number of visitors to Blog from Google Image may surprise you if the image is optimized. I had an article about the alt and title tag optimization for images (you should read this article).
There is also an automatic image optimization WordPress plugin using SEO Friendly Images.
5.Spelling correctly
Correct spelling is important, first of all for reading the blog, followed by that search engines can misunderstand the content of the page. Especially the title (title) and described (desctiption) is very important, conventional search engines will update your post for a long time after the initial indexing.
6.Sitemap | XML Sitemap
There was one debate on this issue on the forum on SEO and Webmaster. The problem here is the free theme or advertising often exist some hidden link or link promotes. The existence of these links will be detrimental to you. Google may mistakenly assess the nature of that link and adversely affect the search engine rankings.
Try to make one premium theme to use the best. You can see more articles on how to choose the most affordable SEO WordPress template.
7.Using Tag
But tag and category management of WordPress confusing and sometimes annoying when customizing and optimizing the URL, but the benefits of Tag brings not little, it helps users and search engines access quickly articles behind the structure. There are many WordPress users often ignore the rise Tag Archive Tag and remove from the index, this is an issue to discuss in a separate article.
If you successfully perform 10 basic tips above, your Blog or Website are well optimized and can start to appear higher on the search engines then. And if you want to head in competition should focus on content and increase their value over the two procedures improve the next.
8.Using All in One SEO Plugin
This plugin I had probably one presentation about it the time to check out and use them.
Wordpress 2.3 has support functions tag keyword in the article, to help you display the key keyword on the home page. This is very good for both the reader Seach engine.
If that maximize the effectiveness of your tag will try to be one very large amount of traffic from search engines.

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