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7Up Free Mojito Flavour Review

By Kev A @kevvieguy
7UP Free Mojito
Fizzy drinks 3 days in a week, blimey I must be setting a new KSR record here! Yes, after trying the new sugar free varieties from Lucozade this week I've also found the time to try this new 7Up Free Mojito, which I found in WH Smiths of all places for £1.79. Not cheap, but then WH Smiths never is! The "Free" part means it's free of sugar, colours and caffeine, and low in calories, but thankfully not flavor...
7UP Free Mojito
Like all 7Up this is lemon and lime flavoured, but with an added twist of mint to make it Mojito-like. 
What can I say, this tastes pretty much like you'd expect from a Mojito 7Up: lemon and lime pop with a refreshing cool minty flavor. It was very nice indeed, I didn't expect mint to work in a fizzy drink but it was actually lovely. I'll happily buy this in big bottles if they ever decide to do them, but I doubt I'd pay this much for such a small bottle again...
Overall, a nice refreshing summer limited edition from 7Up, definitely worth a try if you like sugar free drinks with an adult twist! 
8 out of 10.

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