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75 Stories Published By Mainstream Media On .NYC in Less Than 24 Hours

Posted on the 03 July 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

Since the city of New York let everyone know yesterday, that their application for .NYC passed ICANN Initial Evaluation (IE), which actually occurred on May 24th,   75 media outlets from the BBC to PC Magazine, to Time Magazine, Cnet, to have covered the story with more being added hourly.

We have been telling you for quite a while that the new gTLD program will get more coverage for domain names in the next two years than the coverage the industry has gotten in the last ten years combined.

Image the press that each new city’s new gTLD will receive as they roll out not to mention all the generic and brands.

Each one is going to get covered by newspapers, magazines and of course will be all over the Internet.

When you ask how will people ever learn what they type into their browser on the right of the dot is as important as what the type in to the left of the dot, in good part its going to be all the news coverage each of these new gTLD receive as they roll out.

The announcement in which the city proclaimed would be the first North American city new gTLD to launch is looking for a roll out later this year.

Pricing has not been set.

Neustar (NSR) is managing the .NYC on the cities behalf having won the contract by among other things guaranteeing the city the most money of any other bidders a modest $3.6 million dollars.



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