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7 Wedding Shower Games For Every Taste

By Olga

Wedding shower games are a must for your party! Whether you’re organizing your own wedding shower or your maid of honor is coordinating the event, smiles and laughter are the top priority.

A few glasses of wine and tons of bonding are at the heart of it all but wedding shower games naturally lead one conversation to the next by adding structure and activity.

To make sure that everyone has a good time it’s best to blend. Choose an assortment of familiar games, something physical, something mentally engaging, and something new or unexpected.

If your entire night is filled with similar games you run the risk of becoming boring. Or, even worse, exhausting. Moving from one type of activity to the next keeps things fresh and doesn’t overdo it. Plus, all of your guests may not share the same tastes so this ensures that everyone gets a turn at something they enjoy.

Click through our list of fun games and activities that will keep your guests laughing and entertained at your bridal shower. Take our ideas and run with them, or use it as inspiration to create something of your very own!

Wedding Shower Game “Guess The Dress”

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wedding shower games guess the dress game
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To make the most of your bridal shower activities it’s best to include some light games. Guess The Dress is the best place to start! This one’s simple. Supply your guests with a pencil and paper, and instruct them to draw out what they think the wedding dress looks like. To kick it up a small notch by printing the outline of the bride’s figure for them to draw around.

Some of your guests may not be so well versed with the intricacies of a wedding gown. Before the game starts, offer up a wedding gown 101. Your crash course should include the various cuts and frames, necklines, fabrics, and common accessories.

Once everyone has all the info they need, they draw. It’s likely that all of your guests know the bride from different times and circumstances, and they all “know” her in different ways. It can be quite fun to see how close some players get, and even more, fun to see how drastically wrong some players will be. Even though you may feel like announcing the funniest photo as the winner, the player with the picture that most closely matches the actual gown – there should be a photo to show everyone – wins!

Guess The Dress goes perfectly with other icebreaker wedding games like 2 Truths and a Lie or Wedding Movie Charades. These games, and others like it, are meant to get the ball rolling.

Host these games at the beginning of your bridal shower to get your guests talking and in the mood for marriage.

Toilet Paper Design

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wedding shower games bride toilet paper design
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One growing trend in the world of games for the bridal shower is toilet paper fashion design. This activity is perfect for parties on a budget. All you need are a few rolls of toilet paper and some imagination.

To bring out everyone’s competitive nature, break the group out into teams. Have them assign a player as the model, and get to work.

The rules are simple. Each team has to design a dress using nothing but toilet paper or paper towel. After a predetermined amount of time – say 15 minutes – each model takes turns strutting her stuff down the runway. Whoever gets the most laughs, wins.

Make sure to play appropriate runway music as the models strut their stuff. If you can, set up some makeshift lighting to bring the whole experience together.

The process of creating these lovely outfits is fun enough on it’s on. But, to bring it to the next level turn it into a competition. Award points for best design and most charming strut down the runway. The contrast of the sexy model walk and ridiculous toilet paper gowns will leave you laughing out loud!

Classic Wedding Shower Games – Jenga

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wedding shower games jenga wedding game
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Oversized games are trending at all sorts of events. It’s nearly impossible to attend a company BBQ, birthday party, or bridal shower that doesn’t feature a giant Connect-4 or Jenga, and for good reason. We had a ton of fun playing these games as kids and it brings in a healthy dose of nostalgia to play the oversized version as adults.

For Jack and Jill parties, have your guests compete in pairs. One partner can instruct which block to remove while the other is responsible for removing it. Or, each partner has to remove the block together, both using only one hand! The awkward competitive cooperation is sure to get a few laughs.

If kids are in attendance, you can’t go wrong with giant dice and a team round of Yahtzee! If you’ve had difficulty getting your kids to be interested in chess, there’s no easier way to catch their attention than with a giant chess set.

Giant or oversized games brings a measure of whimsy to your activities which is sure to make sure guests smile. These are inexpensive, always a huge hit, and highly recommended.

Make sure to have a photographer on hand for these and every other game that we are mentioning. A combination of close crops and group shots will capture all of the smiles and good times perfectly for your wedding photo album.

Bridal Bingo Is One Of The Most Funny  Wedding Shower Games

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wedding shower games bridal bingo game
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Bridal Bingo has become a no brainer. Every bridal shower should feature this fun ice-breaker game. If you’re not familiar, bridal bingo is just like the classic game we all know and love. In this version, BINGO is replaced with BRIDE, and the numbers are replaced with facts about the bride such as her age or the city she grew up in. Each player then fills out each square with their best guess. Whoever creates a complete line out of their correct guesses first wins the game.

An alternative to this involves the gifts. Each square is filled with the name of the gift. As the bride opens them, each player checks off the square. Whoever makes the first line wins!

If you would prefer to spend your time putting the bride and groom on the spot, try out the NewlyWed game. The maid of honor, or any other host that you assign, write down questions meant to test how well the couple knows each other.

To get you started, some great examples of questions are “What color did your wife wear on your first date?”, “How many kids would you say that she wants?” or “How long does it take her to get to work in the morning?”.

You can see how answers to these questions could make the couple squirm and the audience laugh. This is a perfect game to play when your guests are looking for a little downtime but still want to be entertained.

Whichever version you choose, your guests will have great fun with the light competition and feats of skill and intelligence.

Crafting Corner Is A Game Place For Everyone

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wedding shower games game flowers craft
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For some of your guests, a crafting corner is just what the doctor ordered. Many of your friends and family will be bringing along their little once. A crafting corner will keep them smiling and occupied. Other guests will appreciate the idle time in between more active games.

A fun idea is a create-your-own-scent station. Simply line up a series of scents that can be mixed and matched to suit everyone’s favorite tastes. Using the base ingredients, your guests will have a blast creating their own designer scents and will be proud to tell the story of how the pleasant perfume in the air is their own invention.

Thrifty party planners will use this as an opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Your guests will have fun regardless of the crafting project that you offer up. But, you’ll get more bang for your buck if you have them contribute to your reception. Consider setting up your crafting corner so that your guests create the table centerpieces. Provide your guests with an assortment of flowers that match your theme, some ribbon, and everything else that you feel would complete the look. Creating these floral arrangements will make them proud and provide a nice talking point at the party!

The same idea applies to Place Cards, candle settings, and many other popular wedding DIY projects. With a little guidance and how-to instructions, you can wind up with beautiful wedding decor while providing your guests with hours of entertainment.

We recommend to allow kids to come and go as they please, and have some dedicated crafting time for the rest of your guests just after the more active games. This allows them to recuperate after getting their heartbeats up and chat it up a little while being productive.

Professional Lessons For Your Guests

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wedding shower games make up dress room
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A newer activity to hit the wedding shower scene is professional lessons. Trendy brides and bridesmaids are hiring professionals to provide instructor-lead activities for their guests.

The trendiest option is make-up classes. This is such a big hit because a) it’s not CRAZY expensive, b) guests have a lot of fun doing it, and c) all of your bridal shower guests will be attending your wedding and reception. This will help them put their best foot forward on the big day.

Clever party planners will take advantage of Jack and Jill parties, and instruct the husbands to apply the makeup to their wives or, better yet, apply it to themselves. The husband with the best outcome wins! This makes for great competition, tons of laughs, and an unforgettable photo album.

Other popular professional lessons include music, cake making, or dance lessons. Learning to play an instrument is no easy task, but tops a lot of your guests’ to-do lists. A quick training session will teach you the basics and could result in a very entertaining jam session. Cake making is something that most people can do with a little time and a tutorial from YouTube. But, a cake is a huge wedding theme and who doesn’t love licking the icing sugar spoon!? Your guests will love this.

Dance lessons may just be our favorite. Dancing is a tremendous part of any wedding celebration. Some of your guests will appreciate the refresher on their dance moves, while others will enjoy not having to be self conscious. It’s active, it’s engaging, and it’s tons of fun. We wholeheartedly endorse this option.

Wedding Jeopardy

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wedding shower games party engagement happy
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This one requires a little extra effort, but Wedding Jeopardy is well worth the trouble. Most people are familiar with this classic TV game show and how great it feels when you get the answers right. Bringing this into your bridal shower simply requires the questions and answers to be updated with a wedding theme. This is where the effort comes in. Each category will have to be customized to your wedding. A category for the Bride and one for the Groom are pretty well mandatory. Beyond that, use your imagination! Famous Couples, Finish This Sentence, and Romantic Songs are all great options.

You’ll need to create 5 questions for each category ranging in difficulty as the points get higher. Since you’re going to all this trouble, why not take one more step and assign someone with a charming mustache (fake or not) to host the game. Don’t forget, players have to answer the clues in the form of a question! This is great for pitting individuals against each other. But if it’s team play you’re after, transfer the idea over to Family Feud. This version allows groups of 3 or more to have fun together

The best parties, as mentioned earlier, offer a little bit of everything. Running through the other activities, you would have used your muscles, your attention, learned something, jogged your memory, ate a little something, and rested. A little something for everyone!

Prizes aren’t mandatory, but they sure do inspire your guests’ competitive nature. Small incentives and team formats will get people into the game and try just a little bit harder to win.

Everything we’ve mentioned would make a fantastic addition to your bridal shower. But, feel free to come up with your own twists to these games or entirely new ideas. We’re always trying to find new ways to excite and inspire you, so make sure to check back often for more party and Big Day ideas.

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