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7 Ways to Show Him That You Care

By Carly13

While some women are waiting for the grand gestures of their men, they forget that sometimes a back treatment is needed. While the story of romance has put pressure on men to courtship, modern woman should contribute as much of her man. By knowing your good guy, you can show concern with these thoughtful gestures. Everyone needs to be loved; knowing all about someone you love.

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7 Ways to Show Him that You Care

1. Prepare a Meal

Nothing beats a home cooked meal. When a man's wife really knows his favorite food, and takes the time to prepare. It shows that you know, shows you care, and also gives a home cooked meal. If you cook on a regular basis, you need to make an extra effort to make it special.

2. Surprise Gifts

Is there something your man has talked about wanting lately? This is the perfect opportunity to let him know that you are listening when he speaks. Go to the local store and take watch or sweet or even something homemade. There is nothing greater than having your special lady in your office unannounced, with gifts and a beautiful smile.

3. Show Your Affection

One of the simplest things you can do to show your boyfriend you care about is being affectionate. Both lead busy lives, so it's very easy to forget the importance of human contact, but get a little corny is a great way to rekindle the spark between the two of you. Give a kiss before going to work - not just a kiss on the cheek, but, ten seconds full-on affair, with his mouth open. Tell him to get another one when you come home - they'll be thinking about it all day! Hold hands when you are away from home, tilt your head on your shoulder while you're watching TV, or just run your fingers through your hair when sitting at your desk.

4. Flirt with Him

Still think it's sexy? Needless to say openly, but giving a playful pat on the back, a kiss on the neck or top-down look is a great way to prove he is wanted. [ How to Flirt with Your Boyfriend]

5. Back Him Up

To make a relationship work and move on you and your man has to be a team. So that means when someone comes between you or you face adversity, give full support to your man. Take your hand, even if you disagree 100%. In the heat of the moment, testosterone your man will take effect and be in full primary mode. [Read: Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Special]. To be shot down by you disagree with him or not be on your side, it will cause some major tension. It is okay to bring your concerns after the fact, but to support your man any way you can show your loyalty above all.

6. Reduce Arguments

The arguments are a constant source of contention relationship, even among family members or friends. You may say, "How I can just stop arguing?" Easy, because engage in a conversation with another person is a choice we make. [Read: How to Be a Perfect Girlfriend For Him]. Make a conscious effort to remember when you are entering into an argument, and then just stop. Remember that not every argument is worth participating in - so do not feel you have to get into an argument just because someone else is asking for one.

7. Appearance Matters a Lot

If you're lucky enough to have a great body, resist the temptation to show all at the same time. Focus on one active at a time. Use makeup to enhance your look, will not give the appearance of a heroin addict. I'm not saying go ahead and wear sweats; just be more subtle in its presentation. Guys always get attractive towards beauty and appealing looks. [Read: Tips on How to Keep Him Interested in Relationship]

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