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7 Ways to Have a More Successful School Year

Posted on the 09 August 2012 by Candornews @CandorNews

7 Ways to Have a More Successful School Year

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With the school year looming ahead, the return to the busyness and chaos that is the life of higher learning is inevitable. Many are readying themselves for long days of classes and sleep depravity, a life that is stereotypical for college students. It’s hard to achieve a balanced schedule and routine for most people, with many wanting to achieve academically while remaining invested in a plausible social life. It’s a hard feat, no question there, but with some good habits and self-motivation anyone can lead a well-proportioned college life. Here are just seven tips for making your academic experience a greater one this year.

  1. GET SOME SLEEP. I know most students roll their eyes in annoyance at the old “7-8 hours of sleep” rule, but it’s honestly crucial in being a successful student and all-around happier person. All-nighters and staying up to the wee hours of the morning to study are horrible for both your body and brain functioning. Instead of cramming all that work into one night, spread your studying out over several days. This will not only help you on test day, since your brain needs sleep to work to the best of its abilities, but in the long run as well. You’ll get into a better habit and succeed in not throwing off your sleeping schedule.
  2. Keep calm and drink tea or cold water. While coffee may give you that temporary spurt of energy, it will leave you dehydrated and more tired when it comes right down to it. Hot tea will give you the cozying affects of coffee without the negative repercussions while cold water actually does help to wake you up. I’m not saying to give up coffee completely (a mug of coffee a day is actually supposed to be beneficial to your health), but I don’t recommend depending on it for studying or making it a several-mugs-a-day thing.
  3. Take breaks every hour while studying. No one can work for hours on end without becoming distracted… That’s why giving yourself a 5-10 minute break after an hour of studying is ideal. Whether its taking a quick lap around the library, meditating, listening to your favorite music, or just people watching, giving yourself the permission to take a break will allow you and your brain to soak in information and vegetate a little before diving back into work.
  4. Don’t forget your friends. One of the easiest things to do at school is to lose touch with people. They may not live next door or have a class with you anymore, but making time for old friends, whether its sending them a quick text or making lunch plans a week in advance, is vital. It will make you more successful in your relationships and get you in the habit of being consistent.
  5. Get to know yourself better. It’s important to have “you” time every day. Having lunch with yourself or taking a Friday night to curl up with your favorite book is perfect, and will give you the alone time that you truly need. Not only is it shown to increase productivity and aid you in future relationships, but it’s also fundamental to your well-being.
  6. Exercise. I know this is often the LAST thing anyone wants to do in a crazy, study-filled life, but it’s honestly one of the best stress for students. Even if it’s a short 20-minute jog or 10 minutes of yoga, the exercise will give you both endorphins and a clear mind.
  7. STAY ORGANIZED. Whether it’s buying a planner or actually using the app on your iPhone, keeping yourself organized will lessen your study time and keep you on top of your schoolwork. Plan your study strategies for tests and heavy homework nights in your agenda, giving you the advantage of not having to think back to what’s due the next day.

Though these tips are simple and a little obvious, they’re the rules we often forget or are too lazy to follow. School is full of distractions and temptations to procrastinate, but with the help of these tips and your own self-motivation, you should be able to prosper this year and take full advantage of your schooling experience.

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