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7 Ways to Dress the 50+ Woman with Style

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

I’d love a blog post about appropriate dressing for those of us over 50…what looks good, what doesn’t…

7 Ways to Dress the 50+ Woman with Style

Helen Mirren - softly structured

There are no hard and fast rules for the over 50s and I think that in many ways age is a state of mind.  Trying to look 20 at 50 comes across as rather sad and desperate, but there is a way of dressing that’s fairly ageless and that is what the over 40s should aspire to.

I would look at the same clothes for many ages from 35 upwards.  I avoid ‘old lady’ shops.  Really there is never any need to go into them, ever, at any age, unless you want to be categorized as an old lady.

The only cautions I have is to be more aware of the state of your skin, and don’t succumb to the 1666 look (16 from the back, 66 from the front).

Many people tell me that they really don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb either, but I’ve discovered, that if  you even question yourself about this then it’s really, really, really unlikely to ever happen.  Those that I have met who do don’t even question this and feel that by dressing in clothes that expose a lot of their body, they are remaining youthful, even though to the rest of us we may feel they are grasping at fast fading straws.

So how to dress when you don’t want to look ‘old lady’ but instead modern and youthful (not young or mutton dressed as lamb).

7 Ways to Dress the 50+ Woman with Style

Judi Dench - choosing colour

1. Think about some structure in your garments, flattering cuts that skim over your body rather than cling.  Don’t forget that 3rd piece.  Go sheer rather than showing lots of skin.

2. Don’t overdo trends, but do add some of the latest fashion to your wardrobe.  Be aware of the current silhouette (waistlines on pants, lengths of pants, shape of pants etc.)

7 Ways to Dress the 50+ Woman with Style

Jane Fonda - choosing sheer rather than skin

3. Quality counts, great fit, fabric and construction.

4. Keep it simple, avoid the frills and flounces and anything you’d expect to find on a little girl.

5. Wear colours that suit your colouring now.  Soften your colours as you age so you wear the colour rather than the colour wearing you. Avoid black as it will emphasize shadows, jowls, double chins and wrinkles.

6. Keep active, it will keep you energetic and youthful in your attitude to life, mix with people of all ages, be open to new experiences, embrace change.

7 Ways to Dress the 50+ Woman with Style

Jane Birkin - wears the third piece that shows of her personal style

7. Great posture will make you look more youthful and stylish – always!

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