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7 Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Blog

Posted on the 04 July 2019 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Starting a successful blog is easy if you play by the rules and one of the important thing you must be focusing on is to build backlinks to your blog.

7 Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Blog

Contents are important and backlinks are much more important quote me.

I was also in this same situation not knowing the importance of backlinks and kept on publishing high quality contents that are well detailed but the traffic was just too low for me.

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I was getting around 500 to 700 page views per day and trust me that is low.

When I saw this, I decided to give it some time maybe Google is still going to push my posts up on search engine, but it seems like I was waiting in vain.

That was when I knew there was something these probloggers are keeping away from us.

Though they were not actually keeping it away from us, but we somehow neglected it, and that is Backlinks.

If you are removing backlinks from your blog’s growth strategy, then I challenge you to think again.

Backlinks remain the powerhouse of search engine optimisation and without this you are only wasting your time.

Now think about it, how long have you been blogging, how much traffic have you grown your blog to? How much have you earned?

7 Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Blog

If you think about it well, then if you are in my position you will see that you have wasted a lot of time of joking and calling it blogging.

Another quote I will give you is that the two important thing you must always do as a blogger is to write quality contents and build quality backlinks.

The first quality backlink I built, which was from a non-related blog revealed the power of backlinks to me.

My blog page views increased by 100% from 500 to 1,000 and sometimes I was averaging 1,400 page views.

And that result was within a week.

In this post I will be sharing with you 7 awesome tricks of building backlinks to your blog.

  1. Guest Blogging

You might have heard of guest blogging but never considered it either because you are too busy with creating content or you have no idea of how important it is.

Guest blogging is the act of writing a blog post on another blog (the host) with the aim of getting a backlink, promotion and creating awareness for your blog.

Guest blogging still remains one of the best ways of getting backlinks though it is very stressful.

That being said, you have to be ready to undergo the stress in order to build a successful blog.

The guest posts you write, the more backlinks and awareness you create for your blog which makes it easier for your blog posts to rank on Google.

The first quality backlink I created for my blog was through guest blogging, and it was from a blog with a domain authority of 50.

Domain authority is a metric which shows the credibility of a website and also determines how high it ranks.

A blog with higher domain authority has the ability to rank higher than blogs with lower domain authority.

And the major way of building your domain authority is through link building.

How do you get started with guest blogging?

To get started with guest blogging, you need to make a list of popular blogs in your niche and other industry related blogs with their contact email address and name of the contact person in an excel file.

This is an important step, in order to be able to track your success and know how fast you are moving.

You can also use a paid tool that is made specifically for guest blogging, blogger outreach, like Ninjaoutreach.

Ninjaoutreach will help you track your success and also have a feature of sending mass emails to all bloggers on your list.

This can make the work easier for you and you can outsource this to a freelancer.

After making a list of the blogs you want to guest post for at least if you are a solo blogger you should try and come up with a list of over 200 blogs.

Yes! I know that would not be easy but you just have to do this.

The next thing is to send them an email pitch for your guest post.

For a cold email, the response rate is as low as 1% and as high as 13%, so do not be discouraged if you receive no response or negative response.

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If your guest post pitch is accepted, then you can go ahead and create an awesome blog post for your host.

Not a low-quality blog post, talking of a post that would create more guest post opportunities for you.

So if you do not understand what a guest post pitch looks like, below is a template.

Though I do not advise using a guest post pitch template, but you can use that as a beginner and as times goes on you get better constructing an attractive pitch.

SUBJECT: Guest Post for [Blog name]

Hi [Name],

I am a loyal fan of your blog and I enjoy reading your blogs.

Between, your blog inspired to start a blog.

I have been brainstorming some guest post ideas for [blog name] and I have been able to come up with some ideas:

[Idea 1]

[Idea 2]

[Idea 3]

Does this resonates well with you?

I am also open to your suggestions.

Either way, keep up the good work at [blog name]

I look forward to hearing from you.


Best Regards,



That is just a guest post pitch template I use and sometimes I use something much simpler.

After having your first guest post published, then getting more guest post opportunities will be easier.

  1. Blog commenting

This is not one of the best types of backlinks to build for your blog. And if not done correctly could get into Google bad side.

But all being the same, I would not deny that comment backlinks also have their own role in growing your blog.

If you leave thoughtful comments on your competitors blogs, the blogger will easily notice you and might also in turn bring you to the stage on his blog.

And this could also win you more guest posting opportunities on big blogs.

To get guest posting opportunities on big blogs, you need to have built a good relationship with the blogger or the editor or anyone in charge.


And that is exactly what commenting can give you apart from the no-follow backlinks.

So do not neglect the power of comment backlinks to your blog’s growth. You can start by creating around 2-5 comment backlinks a day and you can make it more than that but it should not look spammy.

You can start by going through these resources here

  • 101 PR Comment Backlinks to Build in 2019
  • List of 500 High PR Comment Backlinks
  1. Forum backlinks

Forums are a great place of getting backlinks to your blogs and also building a following outside your blog.

You should start by joining forums related to your niche and start by answering questions on the topics being asked.

And along the line, you can add your links to help your audience know where else they can find you.

Forum backlinks are not that powerful but also, have their roles.

And if you are in a low competitive niche, you will be able to build a successful blog with forum backlinks.

  1. Blogger outreach

This is related to guest blogging but it is bigger than guest blogging.

Blogger outreach as its name implies involves reaching out to popular bloggers and building a relationship with them.

Blogger outreach can also be emailing a popular blogger in your niche your new posts and asking if they could share it and link to it.

While this is very difficult in 2019 and it is no longer like how it used to be in 2005.

Some bloggers will ask for money, some will give it to you for free, and some will not even respond.

But those that respond are likelier to give you a backlink later in the future.

And you can also build the relationship with the bloggers that responded to your email because they could be more profitable to your blog’s growth in the future.

  1. Create a product

Yes! You heard that right. You can launch a product that solves a problem.

Once you are able to launch a product it can be a Saas product, a widget, an online tool, a converter. Anything that solves problem online; you will be surprised by a large number of backlinks you will be able to build.

Yes, you heard that right.

There are a lot of review websites that will review your product without you paying them for it.

And not just that, if you run an affiliate program, the higher the number of affiliates you have, the higher the number of backlinks you will be able to get.

That means that with just running a product, you can get a large number of backlinks which will boost your domain authority and net backlinks.

An example of a blogger that did the same thing either intentionally or non-intentionally (I don’t know) is Neil Patel.

Neil Patel was able to grow a popular blog with high domain authority all thanks to the numerous backlinks he got from his free products.

He has a free tool where you can spy on your competitor’s backlinks and keywords, UberSuggest. Ubersuggest was hosted on his blog, and he was able to generate backlinks from other bloggers who are referring to free backlinks checker.

He got numerous backlinks thanks to UberSuggest.

  1. Start a Podcast

A podcast is not just another form of content creation, but it is a way of getting backlinks from your competitors.

You can always use your podcast to bring in new bloggers into your circle whereby you will benefit from them more than just getting a single backlink.

Starting a podcast where you interview bloggers in your niche about how they made it can get you backlinks from these bloggers.

This is something that works a lot like charm.

If I had my way I could have hide these from you, because this is the new strategy I just discovered and I have started to implement this.

So how do you do this?

The first thing you need to do is to get a list of bloggers in your niche with their email address.

Once you have that in an excel file (you should get as many as possible).

You have to follow them on social media in order to know what they are up to, also you will also need that to build your relationship with them.

You can then reach out to them telling about your podcast where you interview bloggers, and they are the next on your list.

Some will give you a reply and some will not, but you have to be respectful when reaching out to them in order to get a good reply.

And if you have interviewed a blogger, the next thing is to email them that you have published the interview and you would appreciate it if they can share it to their audience.

Everyone loves to be celebrated and they would not only share it and some will link to it.

That is not going to be simple anyway and it is going to be slow because how many bloggers will you be able to interview every week?

But in the long run, this type of backlinks is always high quality.

  1. Write a Top X blog on your niche

Yes, this also works like charm. Make a list of top blogs in your niche, and write a top 10 blogs on [Niche] like this one (Top Blogs in Nigeria).

In this blog post, you would be writing a list of the top blogs in your niche and after this, you will then reach out to them telling them about the mention.

Once you are done with this post, you will need to reach out to all the bloggers on your list, and then send them a friendly email that they are on your list.

Some of these bloggers would be more than happy to link out to your blog, and those links would be more than enough to make your blog post rank on that keyword.

This is an example of an email pitch I sent to all the bloggers on my list.

Hi [Name],

Love what you are doing at [Blog name].

I am reaching out to let you know that you are featured on my new blog post on top bloggers in Nigeria.

Here is the link


If you could share it with your readers, it would make my day.

Keep up the good work at [blog name]

Your Fan,


As simple as that sounds, you could see I never mentioned linking to it in that email.

But there is no way they are going to share it with their readers without linking back to it.

That is the magic in this email outreach template.


Building backlinks is very important and must be part of your content marketing strategy. If you are not adding link building to your daily tasks, then you are only pushing your growth slowly.

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If it takes you to reduce the amount of blog posts you publish, do so and build backlinks to your blog.

In the long run, we are only after traffic not after not the number of posts you have on your blog.

So focus on building a healthy blog through quality content and link building.

Over to you.

Here we are at the end of the article.

So what has been your experience in link building? What are the techniques you have implemented in growing your blog?

I would love to hear more from you.

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