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7 Top Ways to Be More Attractive and Charming

By Anshulika

Being a woman, you already are beautiful.

But turns out, attraction and charm are qualities not every woman has.

So what makes a woman attractive and charming? Is it the looks or physical features?

Well, no. You don't have to hit the genetic lottery to look more attractive and charming to other people. As per Dr. Jeremy Nicholson from Psychology Today who rediscovered a 1997 research, finds out that it's not the genetic or stable features (e.g., facial features, height, and body type) but the changeable features (e.g., grooming, clothing, and body language) of a person that count more on the attractiveness scale.

So girls, stop stressing about your height, nose, or color of your skin and rather start focusing on these top seven ways or beauty tips to be a more attractive and charming version of yourself.

    Be in touch with your feminine energy

Sure, most women are feminine at their core. But just being a woman doesn't mean you also appear as feminine. To be a more attractive version of yourself, your feminine energy must be seen and felt in all its glory. To know more about femininity and feminine energy, click here.

Wearing a scent can make a huge difference to your personal magnetism. But by wearing a scent, I don't mean any scent. As per Paris Hilton, you should always wear a scent that you can relate too. If you read this detailed post on the art of wearing the right perfume, you can see, she has a point here.

For most people, scents are tied to their memory. Wearing a scent that brings forth pleasant memories will not only make you feel good but also look good.

True, men find women's lips more attractive when they are touched up with color. But what we often ignore is the fact that it's actually the shiny finish that adds more plumpness and youthfulness to the lips. So girls, stop fussing about that perfect shade of red to look attractive. Take it easy, rock the lip-gloss and get ready to look *super-hot*.

    Smile often and treat people nicely

Research reveals smile is one of the biggest facial attraction triggers. But by smiling often I do not mean you wear a plastic smile all the time on your face. Happiness is the most distinguished emotion in females. And people can easily make out if you are genuinely happy or wearing a fake smile.

So smile from your heart and be genuinely nice to people and in no time you will find people getting drawn to you to like a magnet.

are more than a fashion statement. As per researchers at the University of Portsmouth, women walking in high heels appear to be more attractive than women who walk in flats. So girls, here's another reason to trot in your pumps.

Faces that glow appear 100% more attractive than faces which do not reflect light. Here is how you can enhance your attractiveness quotient by getting permanent glowing skin.

Finally, never underestimate the power of a good hair-cut to transform your looks. Sometimes all you need is a stylish hair-cut to look attractive.

So this is my list of top seven ways or beauty tips to become more attractive and charming. What do you think makes a woman more attractive to the world? Would love to know about your ideas on this subject. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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