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7 Steps to Style is On Sale

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
7 Steps to Style is On Sale

This only happens once a year and it's that time again! Inside Out Style has recently turned 11 (can you believe it, Inside Out Style is a tweenager now) and I'm giving you the gift of $30 off the price of this program that will give you all the information you need to nail down:

  1. What does and doesn't flatter your figure (and my professional opinion on your body shape)
  2. Face shape and features and how they impact on clothing choices
  3. Body proportions and how they fit into the style puzzle
  4. Your personal colour analysis with colour and value contrast selected by me
  5. Your lifestyle and how it influences your wardrobing needs and style
  6. Your yin and yang, and how to select clothes that express what you want to communicate, letting your fabulous personality shine through
  7. Your wardrobe, creating a wardrobe, editing your wardrobe and making your wardrobe function well for you your life
  8. Your values, how these personal style values impact on clothing choices, so often mistakes are made when shopping if your choices are in conflict with your personal values
  9. Shopping tips and thoughts, creating a shopping list for your wardrobe that will have you creating a functional and fabulous wardrobe for you

There is so much in this program, really valuable and practical advice to help you sort out your style in a way that works for you (not fitting you into someone elses pre-defined style boxes).

With each step of the 7 Steps there is also a webinar that goes through the step to help you get the most from the program materials. Plus you can join our amazing online community who are there to help you learn about style and colours and improve your style!

So what are you waiting for? If you are ready to get your style sorted out, then come and join me and discover your personal style guidelines in a safe and supportive environment!

Use Promo code: 7Steps4U at the checkout to get it at this price - it's only available for a few days - until the end of September!

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What 7 Steppers Say About the Program

I am enjoying the 7 Steps to Style course, and will recommend it to some other women I know! 🙂 Most importantly, I value that you give so much and multi-faceted valuable information, and also that the goal of the course is to help each woman find and harmonize with her own natural beauty, rather than trying to squeeze us all into a "universal" style. Emily

I've learned SO many wonderful things, gained such insight and knowledge from "7 Steps" and my INFJ Style Type info. It's certainly making a difference and as I said earlier, I'm getting very close to my happy place. I'm still working on the few things that are missing-but feel more confident that I know what they are and how to accomplish them. Cathy

I have now completed the 7 Steps to Style program and would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. I have found the program to be most informative and insightful. The level of knowledge that you incorporate into the program is fantastic. I have learnt so much about myself, not just about what colours or styles suit me, but 'why'. I now know my likes and dislikes and the way I shop and the reasoning behind these decisions. The program is something I shall reach for time and time again. Gillian

Thank you so much! I have to share with you - it seems silly, really, but I feel so connected with you! I know...we can see you, but you can't see all of us, but let me tell you - you are making AMAZING changes in our lives - literally, in such a beautiful way!!! I have tears in my eyes as I write this because of the profound effect your teachings have had on me already!! Your teachings are so different - more unique to the individual rather than the seasons - as it should be! I am having so much fun, and realizing I may not be the "Winter" I thought I once was 😉 😉 Anyway, you've touched my life in such an amazing and "colorful" way!! I cannot wait to gobble up the rest of what you have in store for me with the rest of the Seven Steps!!! I sing your praise to every.single.girlfried I know!!! And, thank you for offering the payment plan - it helps we gals that have children we're still trying to get on their feet!! 😉 Pam

Don't miss the only opportunity for another 12 months to get 7 Steps to Style (plus as a bonus you also get Evolve Your Style - the life-changing 31 day style challenge free with your 7 Steps to Style membership) with lifetime access - you can start it anytime you like, and you have access to the information FOREVER, so no need to worry if you can't jump into the program right away.

Don't forget to use Promo Code: 7Steps4U at the checkout!

Get 7 Steps to Style now here before 30 September 2019
7 Steps to Style is On Sale

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