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7 Simple Tips to Promote Your Blogging Expertise

Posted on the 29 August 2013 by Andykinsey @andykinsey

The entire concept of guest blogging revolves around showcasing your skills as a writer and as an expert in your own field. But it can get pretty tricky to showcase and highlight your skills in a particular field or subject and you may not be able to convey your mastery in a relevant way if you don’t follow these basic tips.

7 Simple Tips to Promote Your Blogging Expertise guest

1. Find your niche

To be seen as an expert in your field, a blogger needs to focus more on a niche rather than try to project themselves as masters of blogging itself. If you don’t already know what type of blogging you’re an expert in, you can always go through your own older posts and see post from which niche have been best received by your audience. You should use this niche to create guest posts in.

2. Create a set of goals for guest posts

Guest posting is all the vogue with expert bloggers these days but what you have to remember here is that when trying to get the audience of another blog to notice you, you have to ensure that each and every guest post you create is rich and dense with information that you have figured out through your years as a blogger.

3. Ensure that each guest post is very high quality

Maintaining a high quality is quintessential for guest posts. Not only should these posts feel effortless to read, they should also be grammatically and syntactically sound. Since these posts are to be used to highlight your expertise, you need to ensure that each of these posts is as packed with information as they possibly can be.

4. Identify the voice of your brand

Every blog has a particular brand. And the brand of your blog may be very different to the one on which you are guest blogging. This could work in your favor especially you have a particular style of writing. Many bloggers writing guest posts tend to tone their style down to match that of the blog on which they are submitting their posts but that doesn’t help guest posters set themselves apart from other writers. Representing the voice of your own brand, however, will attract more readers and encourage them to come to your blog for more.

5. Promote yourself but not too much

Let’s face it- no blogger takes up guest blogging to be philanthropic and the main motive of doing so IS to lure readers to their own blogs. For guest bloggers that are looking to showcase their expertise on a particular subject, it can get very hard to sound like an expert without sounding too full of themselves or a know it all! However, this fine line can still be treaded masterfully by doing guest posts in series (e.g., everything you need to know about SEO) instead of one-off posts. Just keep each post short (300-500 words) but super informative. And at the end of each post, you can tell readers to find out more about your niche at your blog!

6. Use back links in response to comments

Guest posts are for getting back links right? Well, that option has been explored to kingdom come and back and frankly, readers are getting wary of guest posts being spun around back links. But, there is a whole new way to post back links on a guest post without compromising the quality of the post itself. And it is through offering back links (shortened ones are better) in comments. Any good guest poster knows how important responding to readers’ comment is and these comments can be used to draw readers’ attention to relevant material on your own blog without filling the post with back links.

7. Keep your bio short, relevant and sweet

Author bios have become very important points of focus on blogs. These help writers and blog owners bypass the dreaded over optimization penalties while making the blog page look a lot more filled up with content and generally flourishing. However, for guest posters, these bios can really present a “make it or break it” kind of deal and they need to be very careful in writing these bios as this would be their second chance at making a first impression on readers. Hence, this self-written bio needs to correctly reflect your attitude as well as mentioning your experience in the industry.

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