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7 Savvy Summer Party Ideas

By Savvybrown @savvybrownblog

I, for one, am really excited about Memorial Day weekend this year. For once, me and Sexy will both be in town at the same time, and we won’t be traveling. We also have redone the backyard a bit, and I’m determined to grill and go back there more than just when company’s coming. One of the things I’ve learned about summer BBQs and parties, the more you make yourself, the more money you’ll save. Here’s some of the things I look forward to doing/making this summer.

7 Savvy Summer Party Ideas

  • Green/Frugal BBQ – check out this post I did last year about how to save money and stay green for your BBQ.
  • Homemade Lemonade and Iced Tea – What’s summer without lemonade and iced tea? Ever since I figured out how to make them on my own, I’ve stopped buying the store bought stuff, especially those godawful cans of iced tea mix. It’s too simple and too cheap to do myself!

Homemade Lemonade Recipe

Easy Iced Tea Recipe

7 Savvy Summer Party Ideas

  • DIY Chips and Dip – What’s a BBQ without chips and salsa? These are easy to make and once again, cheap! I like making these to bring to someone else’s BBQ. I think organic ingredients make it all taste better too!

Baked Tortilla Chips Recipe

Easy Tomato-Pineapple Salsa

Easy Flavorful Hummus

    7 Savvy Summer Party Ideas
  • Sail vs. Umbrella- Living in a brownstone in Brooklyn, NY does not provide a lot of space, and if you don’t already know, brownstones are attached on both sides, which means everything going in the back yard, has to come through the front. (You should have seen us trying to get the grill down the hallway). One of the best things we ever did was to toss the unwieldy umbrella, (along with the table with the hole in the center for it) and replace it with a sun sail. It can roll up small and fit in the closet when not in use, but provides tons of cover from the sun. You can buy them here.
  • All Natural Sunscreen – You need to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, but you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to do it. Check out (this post)[] on natural sunscreens and DIY options to stay protected this summer.
  • DIY Bug Repellant – Most of the sprays on the market contain DEET, which is potentially harmful. Check out this natural bug spray recipe And keep the mosquitos away.
  • 7 Savvy Summer Party Ideas

  • Mix and Match Outdoor furniture – instead of dropping $500 on a patio set that you’ll use like, once a year, a better idea, (especially if you have limited space like us) is to mix and match your furniture. For some great ideas, check out my “Budget Backyards” Page on pinterest.

So hopefully those ideas will help you out a bit. Have a wonderful holiday to all my US readers!

  • How are you spending the holiday weekend?

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