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7 Reasons Why Ad Serving Providers Are Key in the Real Time Advertising Ecosystem

Posted on the 14 February 2013 by Smartadblog @SmartAdServerEN

The digital advertising ecosystem has been experiencing many changes in recent years and the revolution is still on going. Further automation will enable us to deal with the massive increase in the online inventory and take the advantage of the vast amount of available data.

Many new players (DSP, SSP, Ad Exchange…) have emerged in the ecosystem to answer marketers’ needs and solve some of the technological challenges.

7 reasons why ad serving providers are key in the real time advertising ecosystem

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Ad serving companies like us that have been building digital ad technology for years have also a central role to play in the new digital landscape. Discover below why:


Reliable Infrastructure: Ad servers have already existing & reliable infrastructure, proven for years.

Human assets: Ad serving companies have also experienced & valuable ad technology people.

Control of 1st impression-DataAd servers see the first impression = they can make all existing impression available for real time demand in order to challenge direct sales.This is the only way to effectively optimize the yield and revenue. And it finally allows real time demand to reach high tier impressions (and not only remnant inventory).

One-stop solution: ad servers can provide all channel control and ad management options.

No conflict of interests: Ad servers are technology providers, thus, do not compete with their users by having a direct relationship with demand/buyers (e.g. Ad networks, etc…)

Trustful relationship with PublishersIt takes years to build strong relationship with content owners and media companies and they are now relying on their ad serving provider to make their advertising business sustainable, at least from a technology point of view.

Sustainable positioning in the display ecosystem: Last but not least: ad serving providers are already established, they are not Venture Capital backed; they have a proven track record and won’t change their business model from one day to the next.

That is why ad servers will be put at the center of the real time advertising game. Stay tuned for more revelations in the coming weeks!

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