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7 Points SEO Checklist to Apply Instantly on Your Site

Posted on the 27 October 2017 by Genuinework789

SEO is one of the critical parts of the online business and over that, it is not easy. It takes years to get proper knowledge and skill on SEO. But you need SEO to get success with your site. It is a highly competitive market, so just sticking to the basics will not help. You need advanced knowledge and skills to implement and get the desired result.

7 Points SEO Checklist to Apply Instantly on Your Site

That is why we have collated 7 points of checklist which you can easily apply for advanced SEO and get the desired result. Let's find out the same: -

Following the advanced ways and forgetting about the basics will not help. The basic SEO steps are the key to the success. The advanced ones will make your site better than others. Basics include steps like:-

  • Focusing on page title
  • Proper meta-description
  • Proper use of keywords
  • Use of internal links and others.
  • Use of images
  • Use of LSI keywords
  • Better formatting
  • Length of the article

But to due to the increasing amount of competition, you need to follow more advanced steps for the best result along with maintaining the basics.

Google brings out important ranking details by checking the website with a spider. Of course, it is not a real spider, it moves around the pages and finds out content, keywords, follow links and their status and gives the ranking information. It is a constant process done by Google and does the timely ranking of the sites happen.

So, it is better you crawl your site by yourself and do the necessary updates and changes as per the report of the spider. You can use SEO spider tool to serve the purpose. It helps you in a lot of ways like: -

  • Checks all the links and find out the broken ones.
  • It audits redirects
  • Does an analysis of meta, keywords, titles and find out the duplicates ones
  • Finds out different data's like bounce and conversion rates of the site and others.

So, it is an important tool for getting a good SEO for your site.

More recent the update, more likely you will get more traffic. This is a thumb rule. The blog traffic can get increased by over 80% by following this simple step. So, get to your oldest articles and update it today. Optimize the same and the new ones too and check the result, you will be amazed. Updating blog articles on a regular basis improves the rankings. Many a times, when you stuck at 2 nd or 3 rd page, updating the targeted post can boost the rank.

#4 Create mobile friendly site: -

Over 60% of the people using internet surfs website with their mobile. So, if you want to have the share of traffic from that 60% of the population, your site needs to be mobile friendly. If it is not done yet, optimize your pages according to the expectations of the mobile users. Google has a free tool to check the site's mobile friendliness. Go to this link and plug-in your site there.

The tool shows you results that your site is mobile friendly or not.

7 Points SEO Checklist to Apply Instantly on Your Site

Even being an owner of a website, you will feel frustrated when a page takes a lot of time to load. Studies found that most of the browsers expect a page to get loaded within 2 seconds and more importantly, they leave the site if it doesn't get loaded in 3 seconds.

So, keep a tab on the performance of your page and do the necessary optimization to rectify the same. You can check into Google Analytics> Behavior> Site speed> Page Timings for the page speed of different pages on your site/blog. You can also check page speed in PageSpeed Insights and Gtmetrix.

#6 Check the bounce rate: -

The bounce rate means the number of users who have left your site after checking just one page. There can be many reasons for the same and most importantly it can be the quality of the content.

You can use tools like Google Analytics to find out your bounce rate. So do a regular analysis of the same and take necessary measures if the count is too high. Below are the few things that you can follow to decrease the rate: -

  • Check the loading speed of the page. If it is over 3 seconds, do the necessary customization,
  • Update your content to more quality and informative.
  • Give more relevant links which will attract viewers to the most appropriate next page.
  • Add media like images, video in the existing content.

Your site may have different pages and it may content information related to the same topic. Thus, these pages may end up using the same keyword and links and thus gives a negative report when Google crawl your pages with the spider. So, find out the page with the maximum traffic and higher conversion rate and combine the pages.

I will suggest you using Siteliner, which helps in finding the duplicate pages in your site. Just page your site url into the tool and check the results.

7 Points SEO Checklist to Apply Instantly on Your Site

Final Words:-

There are the 7 SEO adjustments that you should make on your blog/site without taking time. It will improve your site's seo health. All the 7 points are important but last one is most important because delicacy issue might down your site rank or your site might also face penalty by Big G. Taking right seo actions for a site also increases site's authority.

Please share your views on this post. Also, share your seo tips one can implement on the site.

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