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7 Major Reasons Why I Love And Use WordPress

Posted on the 15 August 2013 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Let me do some basic introduction of WordPress. Okay, WordPress has been around since May 27 2003. Many of us don’t even know the names of the founders of WordPress anymore. Well, my job is to remind you.  Their names are Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress started as a blogging system but over the years it has dramatically evolved to be used as a full content management system and much more through its functionalities and versatilities.  There’s obviously no limit to what you can achieve as a blogger using a WordPress platform. Albeit, there’s one limit and that is your imagination.


In my recent studies about WordPress, I discovered some amazing facts about this great platform. It was reported that WordPress runs over 66 million websites. Isn’t that amazing? And amongst these sites are CNN, NBC Sports, TED, Forbes, TechCrunch, OneNaijaBlog, Aha!NOW, and many more Authority Blogs. And have you ever wondered how many plugins are there in the WordPress Plugin Directory? Well, it was stated that there are about 19,000 of them and counting. Who knows whether tomorrow I might decide to create one myself? You never can tell


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Okay, I’ve been talking too much, right? Let’s get to today’s topic…..

7 Major Reasons Why I Love And Use WordPress

Easy to use - Blogspot or perhaps Tumblr users, and host of other blogging platform users, would find it pretty difficult to agree with me on this as they felt blogger or there platforms are simpler but fact is the easiest website editor on the web today is WordPress. I don’t know if there would be another one but for now WordPress still is the easiest and the best. I mean if you can use Microsoft word, set up a twitter account or send mails effectively then you can of course use WordPress. It is that simple. Believe me, I have tried and tested it and yes it worked.

Manageability Option – As WordPress is easy to set up and operate so it is to manage. I hope you know there’s difference between the word “operate” and “manage”. Again, you might not agree but in Sam Adeyinka’s Dictionary, it is obviously different. The other day a guy was asking me about how WordPress works and I remember telling him that WordPress is a browser-based platform and he was like WOW, are you serious?! I said yes, and you can login from any internet connected computer and manage your site. I even use my mobile to update my articles and pull some tricks sometimes.

Great for SEO Optimization - WordPress is good for SEO optimization. It has a clean platform and all search engines love it, especially This basically means there’s every possibility of your site making it on the first page of Google’s results, which in turn will help people in finding your site with more ease.

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No HTML Editing or PHP Knowledge Required – You don’t need to be some sort of nerd, that is, you don’t have to know HTML, PHP and stuffs like that to be able to use WordPress effectively. No! It’s very simple and makes life easier for everyone of us using it. However, it will be a plus if you know this coding skills.


Plugins – One thing that makes me to be a diehard fan of WordPress is the fact that it has many different plugins that will further aid one’s success as a blogger. Plugins such as Twitter Feed, Facebook Fan Page, Top Commentators, CommentLuv, Short Author Bio, Social Media Sharing, Photo Slideshows. Seriously the list of the plugins in the WordPress plugin directory is almost endless! Can I keep a secret with you? Are you sure you won’t tell anyone? Okay, truth is I’m a lover of plugins! And I can’t do without using some of them.

Flexible Design – WordPress is 100% customizable and it’s very easy to use. You can set up the layout of your site, that is, where you want a particular widget or plugin to be placed on your blog surface area. You can have different layouts on different pages. Again, your only limit is your imagination. You can search and install as many themes as you want. You can install many different widgets as well. WordPress is the best guys! I’m serious, all you need do is giving it a try and your life will never remain the same.

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Its Support is Breathtaking – Sometimes as a beginner, we might find ourselves in the shackles of not knowing what to do and how to go about installing some particular plugins, or how to better customize our blog, and host of other problems pertaining to our weblogs. With WP Support you can be sure of a great support as its Forum is ever alive and ready to help in all spheres of your blogging needs. The community is ever active, as a matter of fact, just some few months ago I still made my way to the forum, to get a solution on a particular problem and the rest is history.

That’s it, 7 major reasons why I use WordPress as my blogging platform. Trust me the only blogging platform I’d ever use in my life time as a blogger will be WordPress because it is the best and will always be the best.

Over To You

It looks like I have said so much about so much, now is the perfect time to shift the table to you guys


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