7 Interesting Sapphire September Birthstone Facts and Properties

Posted on the 03 January 2019 by Emil Sipos @emilPsipos

Sapphire is known as September birthstone for Zodiac sign of Virgo and as a symbol of loyalty, wisdom, nobility and prophesy. When people hear word “Sapphire”, they immediately imagine mesmerizing blue gemstone. It is known as ultimate violet-blue gemstone desired by everyone for its beauty.

Blue Sapphire is promise of trust, trust, purity and loyalty. Because of those traits, it is nowadays one of the most interesting engagement gemstone apart from Diamond. Most prized gemstones are found in Burma and Sri Lanka. Of course, Sapphires can be found all over the world. Its price comes from its transparency and specimens that are highly saturated are more expensive.

Sapphires are chosen as Virgo Birthstone in modern history. In the past, back in fifteen century main Virgo birthstone was Carnelian. Moreover, persons born as Virgo in Zodiac calendar may choose Peridot as birthstone, agate, moonstone, zircon and sardonyx.

Other September birthstones that persons born in September may use:

  • Agate – mystical September birthstone
  • Moonstone – September birthstone
  • Zircon – Hindu September birthstone, Virgo talisman stone
  • Peridot – Ancient Hebrew, Arabic, Italian and Russian September birthstone
  • Sardonyx – Polish and Roman ancient September birthstone
  • Citrine – Virgo planetary stone
  • Carnelian – Virgo Sun stone
  • Jade – Virgo Sun stone
  • Jasper – Virgo Sun stone
  • Opal – Libra Sun stone
  • Lapis Lazuli – Libra Sun stone

Sapphire Color and History

Of course, Sapphires are not just blue in color. This stone comes in many more colors – from pink, yellow, violet, peach and orange. We call those Sapphires “fancy” and they are very valuable because of their rarity. Salmon, pink-orange colored Sapphires are very rare and incredibly expensive, probably most expensive at the moment.

Sapphires gained their popularity in the Middle Ages. During that time, blue color of this September birthstone was considered as a gemstone of the heaven and divine favor. Ancient Greeks wore this stone when they were seeking guidance from their oracles. Christina Kings used them as protection while Hindus worshiped them.

Nowadays, biggest mines were in Australia before findings on Madagascar. Most beautiful blue gems come from India which were sold at auctions for astonishing price per carat – $242.000. Most famous Sapphires found are: Star of Adam (1404 carat), Star of India (563 carat) and Star of Bombay.

Since early times blue Sapphires are considered as symbols of love. Prince Charles gave 12 carat blue Sapphire to Lady Diana as engagement ring. Same ring was later given by Price William to Catherine Middleton in 2010 when he proposed her.

Sapphire Meaning and Properties

Sapphires are associated with sacred things. They are considered as “gems of gems” and known all over the world. Through the human history they are held as symbols of faith and hope. People believe in their magical powers, ability to provide protection, spiritual insight and great fortune. Moreover, Sapphires are considered as symbol of strength, power, wise judgment and kindness.

Hebrews say that both Abraham and King Solomon wore Sapphires and talismans. Laws given to Moses was said to be engraved on Sapphire tablets. Buddhists believed that this stone brings spiritual enlightenment and brings devotion.

Sapphires were always worn as talismans for preserving chastity, protection from poisoning, fever, diseases, plague, for discovering fraud and protection from black magic. Nowadays, this magnificent blue September birthstone is used as Stone of Wisdom, Stone of Learning, for seeking spiritual truth. Pure Sapphires are believed to heal the mind, giving strength and focus, stimulating Third Eye and Throat Chakra.

How to Use Sapphire as September Birthstone

Sapphires are probably most popular gems and often used as earrings, pendants and mainly as engagement rings. For their beauty they are cherished by all, jewelers and collectors. To make the most of September Birthstone, you can use it in many ways. By placing it in the North-East corner of your home or office, you will enhance your wisdom. By placing it near South-East it will attract love.

When used at home or in office, Sapphire will bring positive energy and bring balance. It will attract all positive, enhance all your relationships with people and help solving problems. Thanks to its hardness, you can clean this stone with ease with just soapy water.

Sapphire Colors and Variants

Apart from famous blue color Sapphires, we may find them in many other colors. Every single of them has its own healing properties, uses and powers. Most famous color Sapphires are:

  • Black – those bring wisdom and confidence. They help protect the wearer, relieve sorrow and anxiety.
  • Green – those stones bring wisdom of integrity and fidelity. They encourage compassion and stimulate vision.
  • Orange – those stones bring wisdom of loving creation. They unite creativity, spirituality and sensuality.
  • Pink – they are used for bringing wisdom of resilience. They stimulate emotions, encourage love and forgiveness.
  • Violet – they are known as stones that bring wisdom of spirituality. They help with meditation, open Crown Chakra.
  • White – those stones bring strength of spirit and help resolving obstacles on spiritual path.
  • Yellow – they bring prosperity, helping with finances and stimulates creativity and focus.

Sapphire Healing Properties

Sapphires are one of the best healing gemstones for curing all body parts. They heal insomnia and can be used as powerful elixirs. Sapphire water is used for water purification and it is best to use during season changes.

This gemstone is used for improving eyesight, relieving fever, headache, ear problems, infections, vertigo and imbalance problems. Blue Sapphires are used for fixing problems with communication and speech, swollen grands and thyroid.

Persons that suffer emotionally and feel imprisoned for this suffering can use this stone for eliminating those feelings. This gemstone can also help with treating psychoses and neuroses. They cure depression and help bringing positive mood. They calm and focus the mind restoring balance.

Sapphire Gemstone as Amulet and Talisman

Sapphires were always used as very powerful talismans for warding off black magic. Also, they are used for protection against all diseases, poison and ill wishes. When used as tumbled stones, they enhance concentration, helps with patience and help person to settle down.

They are used as talismans and amulets of trust helping person to regain trust when being betrayed, healing the heart when you seek forgiveness. Their potent energy will encourage you to be more joyful and inspire others to be more happy with their life.

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