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7 Great Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

By Attireclub @attireclub

Every year, when Halloween approaches, many people are on the search of a good costume that is fun and upbeat. While there are many options available online and in stores, some people who want to dress up in a costume don’t have the time or budget to go buy or rent a costume or to make one at home from craft supplies shops.

Therefore, we have put together a short list of simple costume ideas that can be made at home with little to no effort and that are meant to have a big impact on the night of October 31.

Here they are:

The Scooby Doo gang


This idea might not be as clear on individuals, but it’s definitely great for groups. The mystery-solving gang from the all-known animated series has a very iconic look, which can be easily achieved. A green, oversized v-neck t-shirt and pair of brown pants make for an instant Shaggy look, but only if he’s surrounded by the other members of the gang. The looks of the rest of the guys are also easy to be achieved: a sweater, short pleat dress and long socks for Velma (don’t forget the big glasses), a purple dress accessorized with a purple headband and green scarf for Daphe and a white sweater over a blue shirt and cool pair of jeans for Fred. Now all you need is the dog. Why don’t you go for a toy? A small stuffed Scooby Doo might just do the trick.

Greek man


Not many men look really bad in a toga. Moreover, not only is a toga a good costume, but it is also very easy to be made. Just take out a white sheet and wrap it around you. You can even find web tutorials on how the ancient Greeks actually wrapped their togas. Some pins might be involved, but it’s actually easier than you’d expect.

Our recommendation if you are going or such a costume is to definitely wear underwear, especially if it’s your first toga wrapping. Also, take some other clothes with you, just in case the costume doesn’t go as planned.

Silent film star


This Halloween, you can embark on a journey in time and go for a silent film star costume. This is very easily achieved: just paint your face all white (put on a layer of foundation and lots of white powder on top), slick your hair tightly with a strong gel and put on a classic black and white costume. And that’s it!

Just make sure it’s not your best suit – you might get it dirty from all the powder.

Men in Black


If you don’t have the powered mentioned above, you can go for the same costume as in „Silent film star”, but replace the white powder with a pair of cool sunglasses and, there you have it – a Men in Black costume. Make sure the shades are cool and modern and that you can see even in darker conditions.

Home Improvement’s Wilson


The 1990s sitcom „Home Improvement” can be a great source of inspiration for costumes. In the sitcom, there was a character by the name Wilson, who only appeared from behind a fence. So, if you have some hiking or gardening clothes and a small fence (maybe from a plant decoration?) you can get in the Home Improvement mood in no time!



If you have a sweater featuring red and white stripes, a pair of big glasses and a hat (especially a red or red and white one) as well as a pair of jeans, you can become Waldo in an instant. Waldo’s look really goes to show how much we can create with clothes: an iconic character only needs some simple, but strong pieces to create a powerful look.



Many stylists who offer consulting services tell people that when they are trying to go for a country look, they sometimes go quite Western movie costume, instead of just giving out a country vibe. Well, now is the time to embrace going full country: boots, jeans, country hat – put every country thing you have on and you can hit the party going „yee-haaw”.

For adults or children, men or women, these easy-to-do costume ideas can save you a lot of energy, time and money on Halloween and can still assure you will follow the „dress code”. Costumes don’t need to be complicated to be effective as these examples show and these ideas can take you a long way on the longest night of the year.

Fraquoh and Franchomme

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