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7 Fantastic Film Sex Scenes

Posted on the 14 February 2015 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Well with it being Valentine’s day and Fifty Shades of Grey weekend, I thought what better post for today? Picking 7 of my favorite sex scenes from films, some of my choices are probably very obvious others may not be! This is probably a strange list to put together, but I must mention that I mainly like the less is more option in films, I am sure some of my choices will prove that especially when you get to my all time favorite at the end!!!

7 Fantastic Film Sex Scenes


The two young lovers get to it in the back of a car, theres trembling and a lot of sweat. Which makes it very hot.

The Notebook 

This has a couple of great moments. The first time for them both with the very awkward “what are you thinking about right now?” question Allie asks Noah, but it does make it amusing. Then the passion when they eventually meet again!

Pretty Woman 

Probably a few different scenes in this one, but the piano is the stand out moment. Richard Gere decides he wants you right then and there? Whats not to like about that?

Dirty Dancing

It was always going to happen from the first time they looked at each other, but the build up and the dancing before really makes it even better and slightly romantic.

A History of Violence

Nothing romantic about this one and probably a slightly strange choice for the list? But this is a rough scene, didn’t even make it to the bedroom and go in opposite directions after the moment on the stairs.



The title of this film prepares you for a lot of sex scenes. Whether it be with her French lover or her husband, oh Richard Gere has made in the list twice! It really does push the boundaries and will make you think a lot!

Now this is my all time favorite and you can’t see much at all. I think that is what makes it even better in my eyes, with the song “Take My Breath” away playing as they eventually give in to the temptation of it all.

Top Gun

This actually turned out difficult in the end and I was left with so many more I wanted to mention. I may have to do another post like this in the future!

What are you favorite sex scenes from the movies?

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