7 Facts About August Birthstone Crystal Peridot

Posted on the 03 January 2019 by Emil Sipos @emilPsipos

Peridot is chosen as August birthstone. It is gemstone variety of the Olivine mineral. Color hue of the green color depends on the amount of iron content in its structure. Peridot color can rage from very bright yellowish green to deep green color. Deepest green color Peridot comes from Himalayas of Pakistan.

At the moment, Peridot is undervalued so you can purchase it at very good prices. It is mined all over the world but biggest mines are in Pakistan, Burma, China and in Arizona.

Other gemstones that can be used by persons born in August:

  • Sardonyx – Arabic and Polish traditional April birthstone, Leo Sun stone
  • Diamond – mystical Leo birthstone
  • Sapphire – August birthstone, Virgo Sun stone
  • Ruby – Hindu August birthstone
  • Alexandrite – Russian August birthstone
  • Carnelian – Hebrew, Roman and Italian August birthstone, Virgo Sun stone
  • Tourmaline – Leo Sun stone
  • Onyx – Leo Sun stone
  • Citrine – Virgo planetary gemstone
  • Zircon – Virgo talisman stone
  • Jade – Virgo Sun stone
  • Jasper – Virgo Sun stone

Peridot History

Earliest writings about this green gemstone come from Bible. It is one of the gemstones found on a High Priest in Jerusalem breastplate. In the past, Peridot was refereed as Chrysolite. In Roman history, Peridot is mentioned by famous historian Pliny who wrote about green Peridot stones in 50 AD. He said that this stone was mined in Egypt for thousands of years.

Fact 1:

Romans referred to Peridot as “Evening Emerald” thanks to its deep green hue.

Since ancient times it was mined in Egypt, on the island Zagbargad. Ancient Greeks named this gemstone “Topazios” because they called that way island where Egyptians mined it. There is huge possibility that gemstone that they referred to was Emerald. In the middle ages Crusaders brought Peridot to Europe. From that time onward interest in Europe for this gemstone begun.

Peridot Meaning and Properties

This beautiful green gemstone with yellow shade is overlooked as lesser gemstone. It is small, easy to obtain and pretty inexpensive. In birthstone lists it was always August birthstone crystal. It was important in the ages of Egypt but over time its popularity has fallen. In any case, people who wear them understand its beauty.

Fact 2:

Legends say that Peridot is best gemstone for warding off all evil spirits.

Peridot is formed in molten rock and brought to Earth surface by natural forces like earthquakes and volcanoes. Also, this interesting gemstone is brought to Earth on asteroids that hit our planet so we say that it also has extraterrestrial origin.

This interesting gemstone is known for its olive shades and it is also one of the rare gemstones that is formed in only one color. It resembles green color of summer with yellowish shades of autumn. When placed into Sunlight, its golden shades mentally stimulate person that wears it.

Fact 3:

Since biggest findings and mines were in Egypt in ancient times, Peridot is today national gemstone of Egypt.

This mesmerizing gemstone was associated with the Sun since ancient times. Early civilizations prized it as a stone for protection, gemstone that can ward off forces of evil and darkness. It was almost always set in gold and worn around the neck or left arm as a charm that protect people from dark magic an sorcery. People believed that Peridot can protect wearer from night terrors, madness and evil spirits. It was also used for overcoming fear, psychological problems, depression and jealousy.

Peridot is believed to help promoting forgiveness, promotes responsibility, cures depression, helps people to understand self-worth. This green stone is also used for promoting and bringing abundance in all areas of persons life.

Fact 4:

It is believed that Peridot is one of the oldest gemstones ever mined.

How to Use Peridot as Birthstone Crystal

Best way for using Peridot as Leo birthstone depends on what you wish. Romans said that best way to utilize its power is to wear it on right arm if that is your dominant arm. You may wear it as ring or bracelet. Best way to use its healing energy is during hard times, when you have problems in love, changing job or other difficult times.

Other great way is to wear Peridot as long pendant that rests on your breasts for strengthening your heart and Heart Chakra. You can also meditate with it whyle lying it on your heart. While meditating, try to visualize green light of this stone. This is known to enrich Peridot power.

Uses and Purposes of Peridot Stone

Peridot stone is prized for its ability to help people attune and regulate life cycles – mental, emotional and physical. It is known that it can help dissipate all negative patterns in life and ward off negative vibrations. Peridot will help its wearer realize that he deserves success and better life. It opens the heart, mind and brings gratitude.

People also noticed that Peridot gemstone can help them with addictions, especially for recovering after tobacco addiction. It is ideal for warding off tension and emotional issues that affects the body. Best way to use id is to place it on Solar Plexus and over Heart Chakra. Peridot gemstone will alleviate jealousy, self-doubt especially if it was caused by betrayal.

Fact 5:

In Egypt, Peridot was mined only during night time as they believed that it is hard to notice during daylight.

Peridot Healing Properties

Healing properties of Peridot stone were known since it was found for the first time. It was used for balancing endocrine system, for balancing adrenal glands and as a tonic. Peridot tonic was used to help whole body, to support digestive system and help with nutrition intake.

Healing properties of Peridot stone were known since it was found for the first time. It was used for balancing endocrine system, for balancing adrenal glands and as a tonic. Peridot tonic was used to help whole body, to support digestive system and help with nutrition intake.

Fact 6:

Peridot is often mistaken for Emerald and Topaz because of its color.

When placed on abdomen, Peridot is used for helping with childbirth, it stimulates contractions and helps lessening the pain. Another use of this stone was to help people strengthen their eyesight.

Peridot was also used for emotional healing and resolving problems associated with the heart. If you have been hurt in love, this stone will help you heal your feelings. This stone will teach you to understand people, help you grow and examine your past. Forgiving others is big factor in self-growth and this stone can help you with this.

Peridot Stone as Amulet and Talisman

Since the beginning of its mining, Peridot was used as an amulet and talisman for protection. People used it to ward off magic and sorcery affects, to dispel nigh terrors, madness and evil spirits. When worn around the neck or on a left hand, this magical gemstone will help you with your everyday problems, physical and mental issues. If you want to get your whole body in the balance, you should wear it around your right hand. Impact of this stone is great and it will provide energy to heal your body, emotions and help you reach your life goals.

Fact 7:

Because of high double refraction, when you look at Peridot you may thing that you have double vision.

Why You Should Use Peridot as August Birthstone

Peridot is mentioned many times as main August birthstone crystal. In some occasions, it is mentioned as well as September and October birthstone crystal. Best way to wear Peridot is as a ring or pendant. Considering its low price and majestic beauty, Peridot gemstone is pretty easy to obtain so you should purchase jewelry while the price is low. In order to get the most of it, it is recommended to not combine it with other gemstone. You should wear it

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