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7 Days: 7 Positive Things

By Nancymccarroll
A fellow blogger in Wales who writes I Knit, and Sew What?, writes a weekly "7 Days and 7 Positive Things", so I borrowed her theme.  Here goes:
1: The Texas Road Trip was completed, family visited, and I maneuvered through interstate and local traffic without incident.
2.  On the plane trip back to Colorado, I had trouble getting to the airport.  Long story short, I was the last person to board the plane, getting to the gate just as the door closed.  If that connection had been missed, it would have required not only a long delay, but a stayover in Denver.  Phew!
3.  I saw Bridesmaids TWICE because it was so funny.  What a hoot!
7 Days: 7 Positive Things
4.  Chive blossoms in our garden made up an onion flavored vinegar that we will use in balsamic vinegar and olive oil salad dressings.  Love the look and looking forward to the dressing!
7 Days: 7 Positive Things7 Days: 7 Positive Things(Vinegar pretty and pink and ready to strain after 3 days)5.  I made up nine small batches of strawberry freezer jam that is delicious.  Here is how: 
  • 3 and 2/3 cups of strawberries (washed, hulled, quartered)
  • 4 Tbsp. freezer pectic
  • 1 and 1/3 cups sugar
  • Stir the sugar and pectin together, add the fruit, let stand 30 minutes, pour into containers and freeze
6.  Making small, slow progress on a Simple Scallops crocheted scarf:
   (GRRRRRRRRR....Blogger won't let me upload the picture!)
7.  Our house and garden were spared over the night.  A huge limb off an old cottonwood tree in our back yard crashed to the ground around 1 AM.  We heard a loud noise that awakened us, but did not see anything in the dark.  This morning, we found this in the lower part of the back:
   (2nd GRRRRRRRR...Blogger won't let me upload the picture!)
Anyway, there are seven good things!

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