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7 Amazing Smart TV Hacks You Need to Know About

By Huntsends

Nowadays, smart TVs have become must-have for every home as they allow you to not only watch your favourite programs but also access the content available on the internet. Every brand is now launching its own smart TV with some new and distinctive features known to the user. But there are certain hidden and unknown features in your smart TVs that you need to know about to unlock their full potential. Read on to know more.

Better filters - You can upgrade and update your filters of your Samsung TV in Malaysia by downloading the app from the Play Store or iOS. This feature not only enhances the beauty of your pictures and screen but also adds a detailed and precise look to the screen and thereby adds a premium quality to deliver a flawless performance according to the user's desire and requirement.

Control your smart TV with a controller - Some of the specific smart TVs such as Samsung TV in Malaysia and LG TV in Malaysia have a distinctive feature of controlling the smart TV with a controller to provide the user an extremely exceptional experience with the smart TV and make your life more easy and comfortable than ever.

Helps you find your stream - If you are having trouble in finding your specific stream then you can look for it with the new Google Chromecast. If you can type the name stream you want to search in the Google Chromecast. Google Chromecast finds your stream easily and makes it more convenient for you to binge watch your favourite series.

Quick shutdown - If you need to shutdown your smart TV images only then you can put the TV to sleep by holding down the play button in the main menu. Some specific brands like Apple and Samsung provide you this unique feature of putting your TV to sleep. Hence, assisting you in convenience and full comfort.

Guest mode - The Google Chromecast let's see your guests choose their choice of songs or series. For this, you don't need to share your Wi-Fi password with them. This feature can be activated easily by setting the Google Chromecast into the guest mode and the app will allow anyone in your vicinity to open and display cast enabled apps. So that even your guests don't get bored if you have good branded smart TV in your home.

Voice control feature - If you find using the remote a tough job and are seeking for an easier method to control your smart TV then you don't need to worry. Some specific smart TV's such as Samsung smart TV in Malaysia and LG smart TV in Malaysia are crafted with the unique voice control feature which lets you order all your requirements only and the smart TV will display it on the screen. This feature eases out your operation with the smart TV.

Multiple accounts - if you live in a big family or with a lot of roommates then you need to give a look into this hidden feature in your smart TV which can switch accounts and add other IDs to your smart TV specially Apple. You just need to go to the settings, click account, and then click iTunes and app store. From here you can switch account or add multiple accounts so that anything they work on isn't associated with your account.

Buying a new smart TV is a lot more than just watching your favourite series or movies as set by the company as default. You can easily alter and modify the settings according to your needs and Wills. You just need to get know about some basic hacks which are inside your Smart TV, designed to give you a premium quality experience with your Smart TV.

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