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7 Amazing Home Decoration Ideas Using Scrapbook Paper

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

7 Amazing Home Decoration Ideas Using Scrapbook PaperEver thought about decorating your home with scrapbook paper? If no, then you would be amazed to know how wonderfully you can use scrapbook paper for home decoration purposes. You can adorn almost everything in your home with this inexpensive decoration tool. You can add interest to your walls, decorate boring things, and create party decorations with scrapbook paper.

If you are planning to do a bit of home decoration, get a good amount of scrapbook paper and take a look at the following decoration ideas to get some inspiration on how to use it in your decor.

You can easily decorate cans, candles, containers and glass jars for any occasion, using adhesive and a few sheets of colorful scrapbook paper. Place the paper on the inside the jars to give it a more polished appearance. To provide a casual look, secure the scrapbook paper on the container's outside using string and ribbon. You can transform the appearance of glass votives, for any occasion with seasonal scrapbook paper.

7 Amazing Home Decoration Ideas Using Scrapbook Paper

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An amazing way of creating inexpensive art on walls is by cutting out shapes from scrapbook paper and building a collage on canvas. You can also try making a gallery wall using framed scrapbook paper. If you are renting your home or are seeking a temporary decoration you can create some impact similar to wallpaper by creating a gallery wall with framed scrapbook paper.

Cover a whole wall with coordinating scrapbook paper sheets. This provides a good substitute for wallpaper. Fabric is most often recommended for covering cork tiles, however, you can also use scrapbook paper.

4. Create Die Cut Decorative Paper Cuttings

If making die cutting projects is one of your hobbies then you can easily design some really amazing decorative pieces using scrapbook paper, all you need to have is good . You can die cut various shapes out of scrapbook paper and stick them on walls, tables, curtains and many other places. There are numerous shapes you can create by die cutting scrapbook paper such as flowers, trees, cartoons, snowflakes, tattered lace designs, etc. Colorful, die-cut scrapbook paper cuttings, when stuck on walls, can make the room visually interesting. die cutting equipment

7 Amazing Home Decoration Ideas Using Scrapbook Paper

5. Make Letter and Word Art

Scrapbook paper is most popularly used for creating letter art and craft letters. You can customize a special word or monogram, to suit any mood, theme or décor, using some graphic-patterned, fun scrapbook papers.

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6. Decorate Dining Wares

You can give a new look to your dining wares by decoupaging scrapbook paper onto an old tray, on tile coasters and glass plates. You can also employ scrapbook paper for highlighting a floral arrangement or in the form of a low-cost placemat.

7 Amazing Home Decoration Ideas Using Scrapbook Paper
7. Create Party Supplies and Holiday Decorations

Scrapbook paper makes a great decoration tool for occasions like birthdays, parties, special events and other occasions.. You can use it for making food labels, pennant banners and other sorts of similar decorations.

These are just some of the ways you can use scrapbook paper to decorate your home. Get a bit creative and start your next home decoration venture with scrapbook paper and do not forget to let us know how it turns out!

Mia Jones lives in California. She is working as Content Developer in Advanced Die Supplies, Inc. She loves to pen down her expertise in her blogs. In this article, she provides us with 7 ideas for using scrapbook paper in design.

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