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67 Foods That Start With T

By Thepickyeater @pickyeaterblog

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When I think of foods that start with T, I mainly go straight to Mexican foods. So many delicious tacos, tostadas, tortillas! This list of foods goes on - and will take you across many more cuisines and for all meals of the day. Read on to discover over 60 foods beginning with the letter T!

67 Foods That Start With T

Here in this post, we share with you 67 different foods that begin with the letter T including a range of fresh fruits, desserts, and delicious drinks to try!

🍎 Fruits And Vegetables That Start With T

What are tomatoes?

The age-old question: Are they a fruit or a vegetable? Although many say seeds = fruit, so they are technically a fruit, there aren't many sweet or dessert recipes with tomatoes, so I use them as a vegetable. Tomatoes are an edible berry from a flowering plant. You can easily grow these in your garden, and even in containers. There are so many varieties to choose from!

What do tomatoes taste like?

Make sure and pick from your garden when tomatoes are bright red and give a little bit to the touch. Visit the farmer's market for the best vine-ripened fruit as well! They are often considered tangy though not sour. Their flavor can be enhanced by a quick pinch of salt once sliced.

Are tomatoes healthy?

Tomatoes are highest in lycopene which is perfect for heart health. They also contain vitamins A and K plus potassium. Another great reason to enjoy fresh tomatoes is to protect your vision with lutein and beta-carotene.

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2. Tabasco Peppers

What are tabasco peppers?

This chili pepper from Mexico are about two inches long and start yellow, turning to a bright red when ready to be harvested. It is quite hot, similar to cayenne peppers.

What do tabasco peppers taste like?

They are HOT! So you likely won't want to eat them on their own. However, they are obviously the pepper behind Tabasco Sauce, so if you enjoy the sauce, you may enjoy cooking with these little peppers.

Are tabasco peppers healthy?

Hot peppers contain capsaicin which is sometimes thought to be antibacterial and anti-diabetic. Much like tomatoes, they also contain lutein and beta-carotene.

3. Thai Basil

What is Thai Basil?

Thai basil has deeper, darker green leaves than sweet basil. The edges of the leaves are also serrated, so that you will visually know which herb you are reaching for. Since the plant is from Asia, you will find this flavor in Thai, Cambodian, and Vietnamese cuisines.

What does Thai basil taste like?

This popular herb has a great anise or black licorice flavor. The distinct flavor is somewhat spicy and will leave a lasting impression in your dish!

Is Thai basil healthy?

This plant is said to be high in antioxidants, so it is believed to be healing for bacterial or fungal issues. Adding it to meals or smoothies can aid in digestion. People will also bruise the leaves and inhale the aroma to relieve stress.

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What is Taro?

Taro is the root of a plant, and both it and the leaves are edible but only when cooked. Raw, they are toxic, so keep that in mind! It typically has a white flesh, or can have purple flecks throughout.

What does taro taste like?

Taro is starchy like potatoes, so it is often used in similar preparations. It feels richer and tastes nuttier than white potatoes.

Is Taro healthy?

Taro root is high in fiber, which is great for our heart and blood sugar levels. It is also filled with resistant starches, and this combo makes it a great food to help you feel full.

What is a Tigernut?

A tigernut is an edible tuber about the size of a large chickpea. The wrinkled skin reminds me of a hazelnut, but it is not a nut at all.

What does tigernut taste like?

Even though they aren't nuts, they do have a sweetness similar to pecans. The outside is tough and the inside chewy like a cooked sweet potato.

Is tigernut healthy?

This fun find is high in insoluble fiber, making it a great addition to your diet. However, they do contain phytates and other enzymes that might be considered antinutrients. You can sprout or germinate tigernuts to improve their digestibility and their nutrition.

6. Tomatillo

What is a Tomatillo?

Tomatillos are also known as "husk tomatoes" though they aren't tomatoes! They are still in the nightshade family like tomatoes and peppers though. The husk will split as the tomatillo ripens.

What does a tomatillo taste like?

You will find a tomatillo to be fruity and earthy. Their acidity can be toned down when cooked. If you are familiar with salsa verde, you'll know the taste!

Is a tomatillo healthy?

Tomatillos are rich in potassium, making them a great choice as that's often a nutrient we are lacking. Like many other fruits and veggies, they are a perfect part of an antioxidant-rich diet.

7. Turban Squash

What is a Turban squash?

Turban squash is one of the larger winter squash varieties, weighing as much as six pounds! It is named after its shape, as it certainly looks like it is wearing a turban! Much like other squash, it is hard to cut through the tough skin to get at the flesh, so be careful.

What does turban squash taste like?

Nutty and smooth, it is quite similar to pumpkin. In fact, you can easily substitute this squash in your favorite preparations like butternut squash or puree it for pies and quick bread.

Is turban squash healthy?

Vitamins A and C, calcium and potassium, are all present in this delectable squash. You will definitely do well to seek out this heirloom variety.

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What is a Turnip?

A turnip is an edible tuber, that some people tend to lump in with potatoes. However, it is actually closely related to the radish or mustard. Both the root vegetable and leaves are edible.

What does turnip taste like?

Raw, a turnip can be slightly spicy like a fresh radish. Once cooked, the flavor turns milder and is similar to a potato. You can cook it much like potatoes too, roasting it or turning it into chips.

Are turnips healthy?

This food that starts with t is exceptionally healthy! They are filled with vitamins A and C as well as folate and calcium. I definitely recommend giving these a shot the next time you have a taste for some oven-baked fries.

9. Tuscan Kale

What is Tuscan Kale?

Tuscan kale is also known as dinosaur or lacinato. This isn't the standard curly kale you might think of. Rather, it is broad, flat, and a much deeper, darker green.

What does Tuscan kale taste like?

Tuscan kale is deep and earthy and isn't generally as bitter as classic curly kale.

Is Tuscan kale healthy?

This cruciferous vegetable is one of the most nutrient-dense choices you can make. It is simply loaded with vitamins A and K due to its high beta-carotene content. The entire leaf is edible though you might want to cut out some of the thickest stem.

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10. Tamarind

What is Tamarind?

The tamarind is a hardwood tree with bean-like pods. The pods are the fruit of the tree and are called tamarind fruit. Inside the pod are seeds, but the edible part is the pulp surrounding those seeds. The pulp becomes sweeter as it ripens. Ripe tamarind fruit is characterized by a light brown skin which darkens as it ripens further (eventually turning to black).

What does tamarind taste like?

Tamarind is a sour fruit, especially when it hasn't fully ripened. Some say it has a lemony-citrus flair to it. Once let to ripen it can turn as sweet as the most perfect banana.

Is tamarind healthy?

Tamarind is rich in fiber and fat-free, making it the perfect addition to a diet aimed at keeping your heart healthy and diabetes at bay.

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What is a Tangelo?

The tangelo is a grapefruit-tangerine hybrid. They have quite bumpy skin and include a knob on one end. Some varieties are a tangerine crossed with a pomello.

What does a tangelo taste like?

These seedless fruit are very sweet and juicy when in season, and have a bit of tang at the end courtesy of the grapefruit. They are one of winter's great delights and are easy to eat since they are seedless.

Are tangelos healthy?

Like all citrus, tangelos have high fiber and lots of bright vitamin C. They will brighten your day and your thoughts when you consume them!

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12. Tangerine

What is a Tangerine?

Tangerines are a subgroup of mandarins, which are different species than oranges, and can be found in most grocery stores. All are citrus fruits, but tangerines are usually a brighter, deeper red-orange.

What does a tangerine taste like?

Most tangerines are sweeter than oranges, with less of the tang or pucker you can get from oranges. They are said to be even stronger in flavor than any variety of oranges.

Are tangerines healthy?

Yes! Another great type of citrus fruit on this list, they are chockful of fiber and Vitamin C to perk up even the dreariest winter days.

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13. Tommy Atkins Mango

What is a Tommy Atkins Mango?

The Tommy Atkins mango is what you will usually find in the local grocery store. It's the one with the deep red blush to the skin, sometimes with just a hint of a yellow spot. They can grow up to two pounds each!

What does a Tommy Atkins Mango taste like?

The Tommy Atkins variety is milder and less sweet than other types. It is a good introduction to tropical fruits.

Are Tommy Atkins Mangoes healthy?

Mangoes are very high in antioxidants. With high vitamin A and C contents, they are the perfect immune-boosting treat.

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14. Tart Cherries

What are tart cherries?

Most often these are the Montmorency variety. It's very rare to eat tart cherries raw or fresh as they are much different than sweet cherries.

What does a tart cherry taste like?

Tart cherries are often dried or canned for use in pie filling.

Are tart cherries healthy?

Tart cherry juice concentrate is thought to be anti-inflammatory and heart-healthy, so it is often used as a quick "shot" of nutrition.

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🥨 Snacks, Condiments, And Spices That Start With A T

Tamari sauce is the perfect gluten-free soy sauce substitute. Both seasonings are made from fermented soybeans, but Tamari is typically used in Japanese cuisine and is usually processed without wheat. Double-check labels if it is important to you to be gluten-free.

Generally, tamari is richer and darker than soy sauce. You can reach for either when a recipe mentions one, depending on what you have on hand. Like soy sauce, check the sodium levels on the bottle.

16. Tabasco Sauce

Made from the tabasco peppers mentioned above, this sauce is the perfect bottle to live on your kitchen table. You can add a bit of spice to any meal of the day. The bottles are perfect for customizing your level of heat since they let out a few drops per shake. Tabasco is likely the most popular brand of hot sauce there is.

17. Tomato Sauce

What could be more versatile than tomato sauce? Whether you make your own or pick up a can at the store, you will be pleased with what all can be done with this humble ingredient. From Italian pasta dishes to enchilada sauce, making your own ketchup or barbecue sauce, you can easily use rich herbs to make different flavor profiles.

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18. Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice from a root and contains the compound curcumin. It is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is the main ingredient in curries. Warm and bitter, many people enjoy this flavor.

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Tahini is a paste made from ground sesame seeds. Think of it as a nut/seed butter! It's perfect to top your Mediterranean dishes.

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20. Tarragon

Tarragon is a lovely little herb that has a subtle licorice flavor. It's a light licorice flavor with citrus hints, and it goes well on fish and poultry.

Thyme is a stem with tiny little leaves. It has a woodsy flavor and you will often find it combined with other herbs such as in herbes de provence. If you don't have it on hand you can try basil, marjoram, or oregano.

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22. Tapenade

This spread is a lovely appetizer to make. Tapenade is made from finely chopped or pureed olives, anchovies, and capers combined with olive oil. You can use any type of olives - black olives, kalamata or green olives all work. It's perfect on a toasted baguette or as a spread in sandwiches!

23. Teriyaki Sauce

If you love takeout, you are probably a fan of teriyaki sauce. It's very easy to make at home, which means you can control the sodium and sugar levels. You simply need soy sauce, mirin, sugar and ginger. It's often cooked down to really coat your dish. You can also marinate meats in it.

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Truffles are on this list twice! This food that starts with t is an edible mushroom that grows underground which is what makes them so expensive - they are hard to find! Often they will be grated or thinly sliced overtop of pasta or gourmet loaded fries. The flavor is earthy, musky, and unmistakable.

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25. Tartar Sauce

Down to basics, tartar sauce is basically mayo mixed with sweet pickle relish. Tarragon is a great addition to elevate the flavors!

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This classic seasoning blend is made from chili powder, lime, and salt. Aficionados put it on everything, even fruit!

27. Tortillas

Whether you choose corn or flour, or other versions made grain-free, a tortilla is a perfect snack or meal. Not just for tacos and quesadillas, try rolling up lunch meat in a corn tortilla or peanut butter for a new twist on the sandwich.

Tapioca comes from the cassava root. This is a great item to use as a gluten-free thickener and you'll see it in many gluten-free flour blends.

29. Tater Tots

Who doesn't love tater tots? They can be a quick snack from the frozen aisle or you can go so far as to press shredded potatoes into your own version.

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67 Foods That Start With T

Air Fryer Frozen Tater Tots

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30. Tea Sandwiches

The perfect tea party meal, a tea sandwich is meant to be eaten in two or three bites. It's to tide you over from tea time to the next large meal. Cucumber and butter on white bread is a classic combination.

🌿 Vegetarian Dishes That Start With The Letter T

Tofu is one of my favorite foods beginning with t, and is made from curdling fresh soy milk. This bean curd is then pressed into a block. Tofu gets a bad rap, but that's from people who don't know what exactly they are supposed to DO with that fresh white block! The big plus to tofu is because it is so plain - you can easily marinate it or coat it in a richly flavored sauce to come up with any meal you like.

Even picky eaters will enjoy tofu. You can easily bread it like chicken nuggets to dip in your favorite sauce. It's a great way to add protein to other dishes, even smoothies, when you buy the silken type.

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32. Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh is a cold salad made with bulgur and chopped parsley, and originated in the Middle East. There's so much parsley the salad is green! This vegetable salad is great to have in the fridge for a quick lunch.

33. Tempura Vegetables

Tempura is a classic Japanese dish, characterized by adding a batter to and then frying any type of food. You can tempura batter just about anything, but it really shines on vegetables. A lightly mixed flour batter is made for vegetables to be dipped in and deep-fried. It's perfect as an appetizer or to showcase sauces and soups for dipping.

Tempeh is a good source of protein because it's made from fermented soybeans that are bound into a cake or sheet form. While it is soy, it is different than tofu because it is fermented and because it has a lot more texture since the soybeans remain whole. It's a great vegan meat substitute when you want a bit of texture to your meal.

35. Tagliatelle

This type of pasta is classic in Italian cuisine, and is characterized by any sort of flat noodle made from eggs and wheat flour. The perfect vehicle for your favorite pasta sauce topped with parmesan cheese.

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🍖 Meat Dishes That Start With A T

36. Tandoori Chicken

This chicken dish is marinated in yogurt and spices, and then grilled in a special clay oven called a tandoor, which is where the dish gets its name. While not exactly spicy-hot, this popular dish feels spicy if you aren't used to eating Indian cuisine.

37. Turkey Meat

Everyone thinks of the classic, whole roasted turkey for Thanksgiving. But you can easily make just a turkey breast in a crockpot for an everyday dinner. It's perfect for slicing up for quick sandwiches.

38. Tetrazzini

This pasta dish is coated in a buttery cream sauce and traditionally has mushrooms. Turkey seems to be the classic protein, but any poultry or seafood is the original intention of the dish.

Traditional tamales are SO delicious, especially from family recipes. Masa harina is laid in a corn husk and a filling of choice, often pork, is nestled on top. These are wrapped up and steamed and make a very filling meal. These can also be made vegetarian by stuffing them with tofu, vegetables, beans and/or cheese.

Tuna is a versatile saltwater fish species. Whether you are eating sushi-grade, a lightly seared ahi steak, or picking up a can, this small fish is very popular because tuna doesn't taste very "fishy." Tuna salad is a great lunch, especially stuffed into a perfectly ripe tomato.

41. Tenderloin

Beef tenderloin is one of the best cuts of meat from a cow and where filet mignons come from. Pork tenderloin is from the spine of a pig and is a very mild flavor that takes up marinade well. Chicken and turkey tenderloins are from the underside of the breast near the breastbone.

Trout has a mild and delicate flavor, even though it is from the salmon family. This basic freshwater fish is on the fishy side though if you have wary eaters.

A Tajine is a special earthenware pot from North Africa, and the dish you cook in it has the same name. This main course is super satisfying and hearty. It can be made both vegetarian or with meat - chicken tajine is a classic dish from Morocco that you might like to try!

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High-quality tilapia is nearly flavorless, and is one of the best fish to serve to someone who doesn't like that fishy taste. Though mild, it does have a slight sweetness.

Who doesn't like tacos? The quintessential Mexican dish, you can fill it with any protein you like. Of all the foods that start with t, this might be one of the most recognizable ones. Though we've categorized this in meat dishes, there are so many lovely vegan taco versions, too!

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Torta means "cake" but is traditionally a savory sandwich. Carne Asada is especially delicious in a torta.

A classic in Mexican cuisine, tostadas are made by taking your tortilla and frying it up flat - that's your tostada! It's basically an open-face taco. Try spreading refried beans as your base layer, and top with your favorite toppings - I like fresh veggies, guacamole and salsa!

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48. Taquitos

Taquitos are a rolled-up taco, sort of like a flauta. This traditional Mexican dish is made by taking your favorite meat, such as ground beef, and roll it up and fry it. You can also make it vegetarian by stuffing it with beans and cheese. They are perfect for dipping in sour cream.

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🍰 Desserts That Start With T

49. Tarte Tatin

A tarte tatin is a French word that means caramelized tart. It is essentially a French upside-down apple cake. There is argument over whether it is cake or pie as it does use a pastry crust, but it is baked in the same manner as a pineapple upside-down cake.

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50. Tiramisu

This coffee-flavored Italian dessert is made of ladyfingers dipped in espresso and layered with mascarpone like an icebox cake. It is an absolutely delicious food that starts with t!

51. Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca pearls are added to a wonderfully creamy custard made from milk, sugar, and eggs. It's a really fun texture.

Toffee is simply butter and white sugar - which yes, is also caramel. Toffee is simply cooked longer to the "hard crack stage" in candy-making terms. Often coated in nuts or chocolate, this is a great candy to make at home. You might think butterscotch is similar, but it is made with brown sugar.

Tortes are cakes with many layers. Usually thought of as loaf-shaped, they can also be round. You can even use crepes to make a torte. The focus here is on alternating layers of cream fillings and moist cake.

Trifle is a dessert that looks great with minimal effort. You can even turn a failed cake into a trifle if you aren't happy with the look of your cake. Cake cubes are layered with fruits, puddings, creams, and any fun toppings you can imagine. This is generally done in a large, clear glass dish so you can show off the various layers.

As I said above, there are two kinds of truffles! For dessert, the simplest type of truffle is a chocolate ganache rolled in cocoa powder. Essentially any small, rolled filling can become a truffle. Bonus if they are enrobed in chocolate.

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56. Turnover

A turnover is a hand pie, how fun does that sound? Flaky pastry dough is wrapped around fruit filling. You can also drizzle a quick icing or glaze over the top.

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Tarts are generally made with a crisp shortbread crust. They can be filled with anything from nutella to cream to fruit. You can make tarts in just about any shape and size. For a small tart, try these lemon tartlets. For a larger tart to feed a crowd, this ricotta tart is delicious!

Taffy is a pulled sugar candy. Boiled sugar is literally pulled, whether by hand or machine, into long strings and folded back on itself. It can be made in many flavors and comes in all kinds of different colors.

59. Thumbprint Cookies

These are really fun cookies to make with kids. After the cookie dough is rolled in balls and set on a baking sheet, you literally gently press your thumb into it to make an indentation. This is then typically filled with a bit of jam.

60. Tres Leches Cake

As the name states, this is a cake made from three types of milk: sweetened condense, evaporate, and heavy cream. This makes a delightfully soaked sponge cake.

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61. Turkish Delight

You might be familiar with this from Narnia. It's a gel-like candy that can be filled with so many different flavors of fruits and nuts.

🍹Beverages That Start With T

Are you a tea person? There are so many different types of teas you can surely find your favorite. From classic black tea, to iced, to herbal tea, to rooibos or green, you can find a tea you enjoy. You can make tea with loose tea leaves or with tea bags, with or without caffeine and hot or iced, there are so many options to choose from!

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Ever hear of a "hot toddy"? Often made before bed, or when something ails you, it is simply hot water and liquor. Sometimes fresh herbs and honey are added to boost the medicinal properties.

A tisane is an herbal infusion. It may or may not contain actual tea, which is why it is a separate beverage. Tisane is almost always caffeine-free since it doesn't contain tea, and the focus is on the medicinal properties of the chosen herbs.

Tonic is bitter carbonated water, most often used in a "gin and tonic."

This distilled beverage is made from the blue agave plant. Tequila is most frequently used in margaritas.

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67. Tapioca Milk Tea

You might be scratching your head at this name - what is tapioca milk tea? This food beginning with t is also known as Boba! Those fun, chewy boba balls in the bottom of your tea are actually tapioca pearls.

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💭 Final Thoughts

This list of 67 foods starting with the letter T have taken us from the vegetable garden to the dessert table and offer many health benefits to our diets.

If you would like more inspiration on new and exciting foods to cook with, then take a look at some of our other food lists from A-Z here:

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