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60% Now Forget to Pack Everything for a Holiday (a Quarter Even Run out of Clothes)

Posted on the 17 July 2013 by 72point @72hub

Six out of ten Brits arrive at their holiday destination – only to realize they’ve forgotten something, research has revealed. A study found stress-induced last minute panic and a general shortage of time to think clearly about what to pack are the most common reasons for the blunders.

The figures show as many as one in five forget to pack their toothbrush, while one in ten have failed to take underwear on a foreign jaunt.

Almost one in four don’t pack enough clothes for the duration of their trip, while others leave behind beach towels, sun cream and travel adaptors.

One in ten travellers even went as far as to admit they had neglected to organize foreign currency before their trip.

The packing mishaps were revealed in a study of 2,000 adults by Travelex, the foreign exchange specialist.

Elvin Eldic of Travelex, said:

”Today’s busy lifestyles and the stresses of work mean we’re leaving it to the very last minute to get organised for our holidays.

”Forgetting to pack a crucial item is annoying and it could also prove costly.

”Although there’s no need to be caught short on cash when you arrive at your holiday destination when you can order your currency online in advance and collect at the airport.”

The study also found the majority of those questioned said they spent under four hours packing – although 23% take at least a day.

A very well-organised one in ten British travellers starts packing several weeks in advance of their holidays.

It also emerged women are more likely to take charge of packing for a trip abroad, with two thirds of the fairer sex responsible for filling holiday bags for their families.

However, men are more likely to be in charge of the travel money, with 70% of men saying that organising foreign currency was up to them..

The research also shows hotels are amongst the worst places to change money with unfavourable rates and hefty commissions charges meaning holidaymakers could lose out by up to 70 Euros on a £500 exchange.

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