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6 Ways To Get Back On Track After Overeating

By Shanlakes
Did you plan on eating just one slice of the pizza last night but ended up finishing the whole thing? Did you also drink an entire soft drink? Don’t worry, happens to the best of us!

As the Holiday season approaches, you are bound to get tempted by the rich dinner you will get to eat during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. How can resist the juicy turkey or a delicious homemade chocolate cake?

It’s normal to overeat sometimes but how do you bounce back from it? We tell you how!
6 Ways To Get Back On Track After Overeating
1.  Break- Your-FastEven if you ate a huge unhealthy dinner and are feeling sluggish in the morning, don’t skip breakfast. You may not feel like eating but force yourself to eat the meal. It will not only speed up your metabolism but also provide you with the energy you will need throughout the day. Make sure to eat healthy of course! workout, fitness, eating, health, holiday

2.   Go Green For LunchEat a big bowl of fresh salad. Add your favorite options like lettuce, sprouts, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots. Whatever you like! You can also dash in some lemon as it will help with faster digestion. The hydrating veggies will also get the digestion going. You will surely feel great after it.workout, fitness, eating, health, holiday

3.   Snack In BetweenIf you feel hungry post lunch, eat a light snack. You can munch on Nuts or Protein Bars or whole wheat oats. Something filling and healthy. Avoid dairy products and bread.workout, fitness, eating, health, holiday

4.   Hydrate WellCarry a water bottle with you so that you take small sips throughout the day. Keep it in front of you all the time as it will remind you to drink. It’s important to frequently hydrate in small intervals rather than gulp a lot in one go. Water will speed up the metabolism and make you feel full, preventing you from overeating again during the day. You can also add some lemon juice to your water and notice how fast you will begin to feel light!workout, fitness, eating, health, holiday

5.   Stay Home For DinnerCook dinner for yourself and no way eat any junk food. Ditch any plans of going out and plan a simple and healthy dinner. Make grilled chicken or fish with some veggies or eggs. Stay away from oily food or cheese which will make you feel bloated.workout, fitness, eating, health, holiday

6.   Work ItTry squeezing in a mini workout session (at least!) during the day. If you can do a good gym hour then go for it if your body is up to it. If feeling sluggish then try doing some light yoga or go for a walk. It’s important to move around. Make
Food is therapeutic and you shouldn't miss out on a greasy pizza or a spicy juicy burger! We all eat more than we should occasionally but it’s important to get back on track especially when you have a party to go to and wear that hot corset outfit you have been planning for months!
Rebecca Siggers is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Caught by the fashion bug, she also writes for and shares them with the world. A traveler by heart, she enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

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