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6 Subcultures with Creative Aesthetics

By Attireclub @attireclub

If fashion is a component of culture, a subculture can be defined as a group that is based on or organized upon a particular set of features of appearance, costume and adornment that makes its members distinctive enough to be a clear part of a wider culture.

Each subculture has its own rules, some are more about the individual, while others hold on to strong collective values that are imputed to its members.

Either way, fashion subcultures are groups of people who express themselves a lot through image. On numerous occasions, fashion subcultures are strongly connected with a music genre. If you think about it, the 20 th century was full of fashion-music subcultures; terms such as "punk", "hippe", "rap" evocate both visual as well as auditive images in your mind.

Therefore, subcultures are cultural constructions that affect not only the fashion part of their adherents' lives, but also all many aspects that connect to the notion of lifestyle. A subculture often has a social, cultural and political standpoint that is shared by its group members too.

Let's take a look at six very interesting subcultures that interpret cultural queues, references and that create particular ways of expression.

6 Subcultures with Creative Aesthetics

Gyaruo are what some people call The Jersey Shore of Japan. These guys love to tan, to wear tons of hairspray and to sort flashy sunglasses. Gyaruo guys divide themsevels in several sub-groups: there are the rocker-gyaruo, the military-gyaruo, the biker-gyaruo and the surfer-gyaruo. There is also a female version of the gyaruo subculture, called the gyaru.

6 Subcultures with Creative Aesthetics

Les sapeurs are a group of African men who like to dress up in the flashiest suits and outfits. These men, who are very stylish in their own way, dedicate a lot of time, effort and money into adorning their bodies. This dedication has also brought them a lot of critique, many people suggesting that they should make better use of their money and spend it on essential things rather than on designer clothes.

However, les sapeurs take themselves very seriously and consider their style a true way of life.

6 Subcultures with Creative Aesthetics

By "Raggare" one understands the Swedish rockabilly rebels.

6 Subcultures with Creative Aesthetics
Even though Swedes are at many times minimal and reserved when it comes to clothes and lifestyle, the Raggare are proud to disconnect from this image.

These people love the Rockabilly lifestyle, pompadour haircuts, and vintage American cars. These ideas might seem a strange imitation of a past culture, but given the austere context in which many of these people live, their Weltanschaung makes a lot of sense.

These men and women gather each year for the Power Big Meet in Västeras, which is known to be the biggest car show in the world. There, they get to compare cars, socialize and connect with other Raggare from other Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Denmark or Finland.

Riverheads, like the Raggare, are a subculture that is also strongly connected with music. Riverheads are usually dark, they listen to industrial music and to dance by stomping. Their sadomasochistic / militant aesthetic is combined with futuristic elements that result in an interesting fetish fashion result.

These people are at often times seen in a wrong light by others: many people compare them to Goths, which is something Rivetheads don't like and they are often associated with extremist and nationalist groups, even though Rivetheads accept people of all creeds, nationalities or sexual orientations.

6 Subcultures with Creative Aesthetics

Even though for many Mexicans, folk music is the most popular music genre, for a certain group of men, new, electronic music is the real deal. These pointy-booted clubbers from Mexico, who are part of the Trival Guarechero movement like to listen to house rhythms combined with tribal music and to wear both futuristic elements as well as traditional clothing pieces. The most obvious pieces of styling in the Trival Guarechero subculture are their pointy boots, which for an outsider seem very hard to wear in a club, which is where many Trival Guarecheros party.

6 Subcultures with Creative Aesthetics

6 Subcultures with Creative Aesthetics
Like in the case of many subcultures, Seapunk is both an aesthetic and a music genre. Seapunkers and their creations as well as their looks are influenced by the 1990s-era online imagery / beach scenes. For those too young to remember, this means that their visual identity is dominated by many aquatic elements mixed with future-tech elements. These people are all about bright colors, especially blues, teals and cyan.

The world of subcultures is a very rich and dense one. Subcultures prove that there is enough room under the sun for everyone and that regardless of who you are, there are people who share at least some of your ideals in the world. And, if there are not, you can always start a group of your own...

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