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6 Steps to Quicker Weight Loss with Paleo

By Grayson Hayes @cavemandietblog
paleo weight loss main image

paleo weight loss main image6 steps to quicker weight loss with Paleo

The Paleo way of life gives you a jumpstart in health that no other diet can:  the chance to flush out unwanted water weight and waste quicker.  This is because, as a Paleo practitioner, you will automatically select foods that are 100% natural and preservative-free. You will eat delicious meals with no added (iodized) salt or sugar, no saturated fats, and no artificial chemicals or flavorings.

The problem with those “shake”, “pill” and “wrap” diets.

During a typical fad diet, even those diets that claim to flush you out in 24 hours, there is a required time period of taking foreign shakes or pills that do more harm than good.  These products are loaded with sugar, artificial flavors, and caffeine to give you a boost of confidence. Yet, we all know that added caffeine only works as a diuretic and energy booster for a very little period of time.

Diet companies KNOW this. That is why they immediately throw the guilt trip on YOU:

By the way, members, if you do not lose X amount of weight by X amount of days, it means that you are not drinking enough water, doing enough exercise, or you are eating too much—but keep taking our products, though! It is not us, it is you- cheers!”

I have a better idea, diet companies! Why not say, instead:

“If you drink enough water per day, consume less sodium, and eat natural foods, you will shed water weight (and waste) naturally, within a period of 24 hours, on a daily basis, and during the rest of your life WITHOUT the need of shakes and pills.”

Will we ever hear them say that?

Base on this statement, check out the 6 easiest ways to lose weight at a safe and quick rate, as a Paleo practitioner.

1.Drink about 2 liters of water per day

Sounds like a lot? Try measuring your body and learning that 65-70% of it is water. A dehydrated body cannot shed or intake water through the bloodstream to

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make our organs work optimally.

Dehydration causes:

  • premature aging– it is impossible to drive nutrients through the body with bad blood circulation or not enough 02
  • bloating -your body sucks what it already has inside and stores it for “survival.”
  • constipation– your large intestine needs to suck up water to move your internal waste out.
  • acne– how can your body clean itself internally and shed unwanted waste through the pores without a good push of water to get through the bloodstream?
  • blurred vision– very typical in individuals who are severely dehydrated
  • headaches– another typical sign of dehydration
  • overeating– the body starts to go in survival mode without water, so it demands food to suck water components from it

Need we continue to convince you as to why drinking water is SO important for ANY diet?

2. Eat rich, not big

 Typical diets are bland, dry and hard. They are not enjoyable, so people end up eating a LOT of things that they do not like, thus sabotaging their calorie allotments.

In Paleo, we do not worry about calories because our foods are deliciously real. They fill you up naturally, especially those foods that are thick and voluminous such as pumpkin Paleo breads, cabbage slaw salads, thick egg quiches, spinach, meat stews, soups fruits, fibrous snacks, and other naturally- bulky foods that pack more water than calories.

A nice Paleo casserole, loaded with nice spices, goes a long way even when they are eaten in smaller amounts.  Filling, savory, and loaded with natural foods, it is essentially eating without preservatives and artificial fillers that do add calories to natural foods.  Try any of our scrumptious meals and see for yourself.

3. Add fiber to your life

 Fiber aids in regularity, but it is also the world’s natural stomach flattener.  This is because it has the capability of completely

paleo weight loss fiber image
cleaning your digestive track naturally, without needing to wrap yourself in a seaweed basket, or take “intestine bombs” of any type. The best part is that fiber is also a NATURAL FAT BLOCKER!  It helps your heart get stronger because of the fibrous nature of its texture, and it helps lower blood pressure.  Need we say more?

4. Drop the salt

Part of the reason why we allow sea salt in Paleo is because it is natural. The other reason is because it is stronger in flavor, so you will end up using less than what the average fast food eaters would lay on their fries.  Less sodium leads to less water retention.  Less water retention leads to a flatter, smaller, flushed out “you.”  Flushing also tends to make you look younger, since the plies on your face and neck will be flushed out of extra stored-up fluid.  Drop the salt, drink more water, and eat more fiber. Period.  No need to count carbs, either!

5. Move

paleo weight loss exercise image
I love training and running, but here is what I have noticed:  A lot of ladies who also train for marathons bulk up in ways that do not seem healthy. They maintain the SAME body fat and body mass index, but they build muscle underneath those layers of body mass. Yes, they develop amazing endurance, but I wonder if there is something they could do to help them drop body mass to be even quicker and lighter runners and trainers.

The reason why I am bringing this up is because this whole thing showed me that the sport itself is not what makes you lose the weight, but the mere act of moving and acting in accordance to what your body needs of you to do. So, just move your way: dancing, walking, skipping, or doing whatever you need to do in a safe ay.

Moving your body for about 20 minutes every 3 hours puts your energy levels at an optimal level. You will feel more energized and less groggy during the day. It helps you burn more calories of energy, as well. Enjoy your body the way it was supposed to be enjoyed: with movement.


Entering those diet and exercise “cults” out there is a sign of potential failure.  The problem with joining groups is that you need to abide by the rules of the group.  People also tend to compare one another in groups, making the less successful members feel like they cannot keep up.  Moreover, when the group turns competitive, or wants to reach quick goals, the whole purpose of eating well is superseded by “losing weight fast.”  We all know where this leads.

Do your own thing. Have conversations with yourself:  What foods make your body work at its best?  What foods are eaten merely for fun?  What foods are screaming for you to quit eating them?  Which foods can make you become a better “you?”

Make smart goals for yourself.  Go easy on yourself.  Move, learn new food swaps, and learn to be your best friend and supporter.  Once this is achieved, there is no stop to what you can do.

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