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6 Office Etiquette Tips You Should Know

By Attireclub @attireclub

The way you handle yourself in the office and how you handle yourself outside of it are different. The rules of business etiquette are often the same as those of social etiquette, but there are substantial differences among them.

6 Office Etiquette Tips You Should Know

The business world has a hierarchy that is often referred to as the corporate ladder. It does not matter how casual the office is; if you have a boss, the hierarchy exists and determines how you behave.

The following are office etiquette tips that everyone should know:

Firm handshake

When greeting anyone at the office, you should know that the standard greeting offers others a firm handshake. It may sound simple enough, but you will be surprised at how many people get this wrong.

6 Office Etiquette Tips You Should Know

Extend your hand to about half the distance between you and grip the other person's hand moderately. Shake their hand while looking directly at them for several seconds and let go. A two-pump handshake will be just right.


First impressions matter in the office probably more than anywhere else. Therefore, it is standard office etiquette to be presentable, which can be defined in several ways.

Let us start with hygiene and grooming. You need to take a shower and brush your teeth. If you are not shaved, comb your hair and your beard. A little deodorant or perfume is also welcome.

As it pertains to dress, you should follow the office dress code. A suit is standard attire for an office setting for both males and females. Ensure your clothing is clean and well ironed. Avoid being too over-the-top with your dressing, and you should be fine.

Gift-giving comes down the chain of command, not up

Gifts have been a tradition of people since time immemorial. However, you need to observe gift-giving etiquette if you are in the office.

Gift-giving in the office typically occurs during the holidays. Therefore, you should learn how to get appropriate gifts for the office. There are over 40-holiday gift ideas from which you can choose.

An exciting thing about office gift-giving etiquette is that gift-giving comes down the chain of command and not up. That means that you will typically receive gifts from your supervisors, and you will, in turn, give your subordinates gifts.

Be pleasant to others at the office

You do not exist in a bubble at the office regardless of how high up the ladder you are. It is common office etiquette to be pleasant to others.

Show your colleagues some respect and give them the benefit of the doubt whenever necessary. When talking to them, put your phone down and give them your full attention. Avoid interrupting your colleagues, and be mindful of your body language.

Help out your colleagues whenever they ask for your assistance if you can afford to do it. Otherwise, dismiss them politely and don't be rude. In the end, you are working towards the same goal, which is a successful organization.

Avoid taking personal calls at your desk, which will distract your colleagues from their work. The same goes for any videos you may have to see at work. Use earphones or mute the audio to ensure the work environment remains focused.

Keep your workspace clean and tidy

Your desk or workspace is the area you are mainly responsible for around the office. It is hence your responsibility to keep as clean and tidy as possible.

You will often find workspaces that are dirty and cluttered. It contributes to the overall untidiness of the office, which can contribute to other issues such as pest breakouts.

Keeping your workspace clean and tidy shows that you are organized and are respectful to others in the office. It also makes it easy for the cleaners who clean the office after you leave.

Stay home if you are sick

Sick days exist for a reason, and it is common courtesy to stay home if you are sick. It is tempting to come to the office if you are sick, especially if you are working on an important project.

However, you risk transmitting the disease to others and putting them at risk. You will be doing everyone a favor by staying home when sick.

In conclusion, much of office etiquette is common sense. However, there are other things that you need to learn. The above is a slight fraction of office etiquette tips. Keep learning, and you will soon be a model employee at the office.

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