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6 iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts That Are Highly Productive

Posted on the 17 December 2020 by Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

Do you spend an ample amount of time accessing the on-screen iPhone keyboard? Well, then you must acknowledge the basic iPhone keyboard shortcuts to enhance the device usage.

Nowadays, we all have extensively become dependent on our smartphones. And, Apple, being one of the leading iOS device manufacturers has set a benchmark for generating diversified iPhone models. Be it the latest next-generation iPhone 12s or the previous iPhone 6 series models, Apple has never compromised with its keyboard capabilities.

With the super flexible keyboard functionality, you can accomplish a wide range of tasks with ease. By now, you must have used the common keyboard specifications, but are you aware that you can transform the keyboard into a trackpad? Yes! With the implementation of the 3D touch gesture, accelerating the iPhone keyboard has become easier. Even, there is a one-handed keyboard mode which Apple has never talked about.

So, now it's time to find out the best iPhone keyboard shortcuts that will definitely increase your typing experience.

6 iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts that are Highly Productive

Recognition is the Key to Productivity Enhancement: Uncover, Access, and Improve

Practically, the wide range of iPhone series has acquired worldwide recognition for sharing a smooth keyboard experience. And, Apple's incredible hardware-software optimization with iOS has gone through continuous changes regarding keyboard improvement. Its excellent accuracy, word predictions, and auto-correction are worth-praising.

While there are several third-party keyboard apps available in the App Store, none can provide such flawless performance as the default iPhone keyboard. With each system update, Apple deploys new easy-to-ace features in the keyboard that add benefits.

Therefore, it's necessary to get to know about the recently launched features to opt for multi-tasking. Do you know that now you can read a food blog and type a text at the same time? No? Then, here are some effective yet tricky keyboard shortcuts that need to be added to your iPhone.

1. Enable the Shake to Undo Feature

Want to remove the word that you have just typed in the mail? Simply, shake the device to remove the recently typed, copied, or pasted paragraphs within a second. Well, this "Shake to Undo" feature was embedded in the iOS devices for a while, but surprisingly no one was aware of it. For enabling this keyboard feature, you just need to go to the "General" section, at first. Right after that, tap on "Accessibility", and from the down-listing options, go for the "Shake to Undo" option. So, if you have replaced a wrong word in between the paragraphs, after firmly shaking the handset, a pop-up window will appear on the screen. Simply, opt for the "Undo' option, that's it!

Moreover, if you have mistakenly shaken the device and accidentally removed the accurate word, bring it back by opting for the "Redo Typing" option. Therefore, it can be assuredly stated that reconfiguring the keyboard setting can definitely add convenience and ease in the completion of the day-to-day activities.

2. Utilize the Bold/Italic and Underline Option

By now, most of the iPhone owners have already availed the facilities of the BUI option. However, some are yet to acknowledge its importance in customizing the written paragraphs. Highlight the important sections of the email by marking the text Bold. Simply, add an Underline to emphasize a particular heading or subheading.

Not in the text messages, notes, or emails you can make the best use of these specific keyboard options. Also, you can head towards a productive conversation with your clients by using this feature in the social messaging apps as well.

Is this feature available on Whatsapp or Instagram? Definitely yes! You just need to follow the below-mentioned instructions to see how it works:

  • Initially, you have to select a particular text that you have an interest in customizing.
  • And, when the "BUI" option displays on the screen after the selection, tap on the preferable option from the menu.

Within a few seconds, the customization will get automatically applied to the text. Step ahead, be creative.

3. One-Handed Mode is Incredibly Useful

Have you heard about this key feature of the iPhone? If yes, then you must understand the significance of the one-handed mode. But, if you have recently shifted from Android to iOS, this keyboard feature will be somewhat new to you. Technically, the one-handed mode has been designed for the iPhone models that come with over-sized displays. So, if you fall under the category of large-sized iPhone model users such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max or iPhone XS, then this mode is absolutely suitable for you.

With the implementation of a one-handed mode, reducing the screen size has become quite impossible. Moreover, the iPhone users just need to go through these below-mentioned precise steps to turn on this mode.

  • After opening the keyboard, make sure you have held and tapped the "Globe" icon for a while.
  • This will bring up two modes to choose from, go for the "One-Handed Mode" to avail additional keyboard facilities.

4. Turn off the Character Preview Pop-Ups

Obviously, this is another keyboard shortcut that you might not know about even if you are using an iPhone for years. Get rid of the annoying character preview pop-ups by just turning them off. And, for that, you just need to follow some simple steps:

  • First, go to the iPhone Settings, and then move to the "General" section.
  • Down there, look out for "Keyboard", turn off the toggle of "Character Preview".

That's all you need to do! This simple change can help you to prevent major typing mistakes. And, if you are unable to get this option or experiencing any critical iPhone problems, the technicians of Atdoorstep are there for rendering prompt support.

5. Word-Dictation Capabilities

You must have heard about the in-built dictation capabilities of the iPhone keyboard, but do you know how to use it? Simply, tap on the "mic" button and dictate the words that you want to send to the receiver. With the help of Siri's speech recognition feature, now you don't have to take up the hassle to write long paragraphs. And, the best part about this voice-recognition system is that you can add accurate punctuations, paragraph breaks and even capitalize the preferable letters without any hesitation.

6. Add Number Keys with Ease

When it comes to adding numbers and symbols in between a paragraph or line, we always lose the typing pace. And, as a result, it might delay your pending works. But, with continuous advancement, Apple has now made some appreciable changes in the keyboards to overcome these hurdles. Simply, in one swipe, you can quickly move from the number key to the letter. Well, it is worth-mentioning that increasing the writing skills was never this easy!

iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts that are Yet to be Acknowledged

Hold on! This wasn't the end, Apple has a few additional iPhone keyboard shortcuts to ensure comfort while writing. You can now avoid mistakes while inserting the domain address, by just holding the "." button on the keyboard. For your better convenience, you can even disable the predictive text as well.

And, do you know, you get added keys, arrows keys, and symbols when you are using the iPhone keyboard in the Landscape mode? Additionally, there is the presence of shift key gestures and text replacement that is less time-consuming. So, start using these features now!

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