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6 Embarrassing Things to Avoid at Your Wedding Ceremony

By Weddingblog2011

Most brides have nightmares about embarrassing things happening at their wedding, but by being proactive with some of the more common "oopsies," you can prevent them from happening. Here are some things you might not think about, but they can become really embarrassing moments if you're not careful.

One groomsmen stood for a series of pictures and then realized that his fly had been open the entire time! Do a quick "fly check" before taking pictures.

Imagine hobbling on painful, blistered feet to dance with your family and friends. If you're wearing flats, be sure to wear nylon socks or Bandaids on your heels to prevent blisters, especially if they're new shoes.

You'd be surprised how many brides, bridesmaids, and maids of honor faint at weddings. Make sure you're not overheated and that you've had something to eat so your sugar doesn't drop during the festivities.

Another common issue is wardrobe malfunction. If your bridesmaids or you are going to be wearing a strapless dress, stick some double sided tape along the hem so you can prevent any accidental falling dresses.

By the same token, dresses in outside ceremonies will catch the wind easily! Make sure you have weights in the hems if you're nervous about dresses flying up.

Imagine being in the middle of the ceremony, about to place the rings on each others fingers and being unable to untie them from the pillow! Make sure the knot isn't tied too tightly or it could end up being kind of embarrassing.

By double checking these kinds of things, you can prevent embarrassing issues from happening at your wedding!

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