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6 Brilliant Strategies for Creating Your Perfect Wardrobe Part 3

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

6 Brilliant Strategies for Creating Your Perfect Wardrobe Part 3

The second last strategy for creating your perfect wardrobe (read part 1 which covered all the areas of “fit” and part 2 we covered quality issues, currency and personality) is related to the kinaesthetic part of you.

5.  How Does it Feel?

Do you like how if feels on your body?

This is one of the obvious (but often ignored) issues.  We often buy clothes that are a bit uncomfortable in some way or other.  Then when wearing we are either tugging or pulling or annoyed by that scratching tag that irritates us all day and takes our mind off what we should be concentrating on.

  • Do your clothes bind or constrict you in an uncomfortable way?
  • Do they irritate your skin?
  • Do they feel nice against your skin?
  • Is it stiff and difficult to move in?

When a garments isn’t comfortable in a physical way, we are more likely to dislike wearing it.  We may even actively avoid wearing it and it languishes in our wardrobe (what a waste of money).

Sometimes the garment may just need a small alteration, let out the waist band or take it in so it fits well.  Remove the tags so they don’t poke into your skin.  That kind of thing.

But sometimes they are just not right for us.  Some people are very sensitive to how fabrics feel and  their skin is easily irritated by fibres such as wool which can tickle or prickle the skin.  Therefore, let anything that can’t be easily fixed go from your wardrobe.  You know you don’t like wearing these things.  Being irritated by your clothes will spill into your day and your interactions with other people and not in a good way.

So before purchasing anything new, or if you are deciding whether or not a garment earns its place in your wardrobe – ask yourself:

Does it make me feel comfortable?

Feel comfortable in your clothes and express your personality - 6 Strategies for Creating the Perfect Wardrobe

Does it make you feel great?

Do you like how you feel in the garment in a psychological sense?  Does it tick those boxes and align itself to your personal style recipe? If you haven’t got a style recipe read up on them here, it’s something that’s really important when building a fabulous wardrobe.

  • Do  it make you feel confident?
  • Does the outfit make you feel like you could go out and conquer the world?
  • Would you be happy to meet an ex-lover in it (or anyone who you want to impress)?
  • Does it give you the confidence to ask for that raise?

You want your clothes to work for you (not against).    You want to love them and have them love you back.

Does it make you feel like you – the very best version of you?

Wearing someone else’s clothes never feels quite right.  We often purchase clothes because we think someone else looks great in that style or outfit (or even because we liked it on the mannequin).

But do your clothes make you feel like you?  The you that you want to present to the world.  Communicating without words who you are, your values, your beliefs, your positive personality traits.

The perfect wardrobe doesn’t have a bunch of clothes that you’d only wear at home and don’t want anybody else to catch you wearing.  It isn’t full of worn out clothes, sloppy clothes, and other items that make you look lazy or uncaring.

Instead it’s full of clothes that speak to who you are.  Communicate positive messages about you.  Feel great when you are wearing them.  Give you confidence and improve your self-esteem.

Tall ask?  Sure is.  But no wardrobe was made in a day.  It’s built over time with careful consideration when making the choices to buy only those clothes that will enhance you rather than detract from you.

Research has shown that your clothes have almost magical powers over  your brain.  Just by wearing a white lab coat (Doctors coat) you will perform better doing a test!  Your clothes can give you authority, knowledge and confidence.

Knowing that you look great will improve your life and open up more opportunities for you.

So get rid of those clothes that don’t feel great on either the psychological or physical level or you’ll never be able to create your perfect wardrobe.

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