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6 Best Press Release Distribution Services 2021

Posted on the 06 October 2021 by Jyoti92 @Jyoti_Chauhan1

Here are the 6 best press release distribution services in 2021.

What makes them the best? I’ve taken into consideration the exposure they provide, pricing, support, additional features (PR writing/ newsroom etc.) and a lot more.

Should I make things easier? Go with EIN Presswire if you aren’t on a tight budget. If you’re on a budget and yet need top-notch PR distribution, go with Press Pog. These two are literally the best press release services on this list.

Anyway, go through the fine-print, you’ll get a much better understanding of how and why these best press release distribution services differ from each other.

The 6 Best PR Release Distribution Services

Here’s a list of the best PR distribution services to get you started:

  • EIN Presswire – best, but quite expensive.
  • Press Pog – Best overall. Pocket-friendly + guaranteed 275 features
  • eReleases – Very expensive but very impressive features
  • 24-7 Press Release
  • Send2Press
  • Pressat

1. EIN Presswire


EIN Presswire

What makes EIN Presswire the best press release distribution service? It makes use of multiple publishing channels and isn’t just limited to “websites”.

Meaning, it obviously publishes your release on 300+ sites. However, on top of that, it also makes sure the release gets indexed on major news sites (Google News, Bing News etc.).

It also distributes the release on World Media Directory, and even to U.S TV and radio! Moreover, the release is also included in the EIN Presswire newsletter.

Social media is arguably the most attention-grabbing platform today, isn’t it? EIN Pressswire also publishes your release on Twitter and Facebook.

You can also schedule a time and date for the publication of your release.

The reports are also covered from SEO-angles. EIN allows 3 links to be attached to each release.

Videos and images too can be embedded however the exact number depends on the package you have.

The number of words in each release too depends on your pricing pack.

The pricing sure is a tad-bit on the expensive side. It has 3 pricing plans, if you just need 1 release published it’ll cost you $99.00.  The second plan allows 12 releases for $399.00 and the most expensive plan allows 50 releases for $999.00.

I must say though the report it offers is one of the most detailed reports on this entire list.

Best PR Release services

For a cheaper yet equally effective alternative, check the next option.

2. Press Pog


Press Pog

Press Pog is my personal favorite for two reasons. The first being it costs less than $1.00/press release on the platform.

Second, because it guarantees a minimum of 275 publications for each release. The release is actually published on 300+ sites, however, at least 275 publications are guaranteed.

The platform offers two types of submissions. It either writes your releases for you at no additional cost, or you can submit your own release.

A major reason for P.R publication is Google ranking, isn’t it? Press Pog reports include keywords. These keywords are those for which your P.R is currently ranking. These can also be clicked to check the rank directly on Google.

It has a full-fledged, automated interface which also includes an in-built text editor. You can write/edit your releases right there.

Another unique feature is its “White-labelling”. This removes the company’s name and brand from the report that you get after submission. It lets you include your own logo and brand on the report which you can then share with your client/company or anyone else.

For support, you can use the live-chat that’s available 24X7 on the site.

As for pricing, there are two simple plans. The Startup plan costs $149.00/month, while the Agency plan costs $199.00/month. Both the plans are almost identical. You get published on the same websites, the content is the same as well.

The only difference being, the Startup plan would require you to submit the release yourself. With the Agency plan, you can choose to get it written by them. The Agency plan also allows white labelling.

You can include 3 links and anchor texts with each release on both plans. Unlike EIN Presswire, Press Pog doesn’t decide your “number of images and videos” based on your plan. You can attach as many as you wish.

You can read my Press Pog review for more details.

3. eReleases



If money isn’t your primary issue, and you want some of the best exposure on the planet, eReleases is for you.

It has over  1.17 million journalists in its database. What’s special is, it claims 94% of its emails actually get delivered and don’t get sent to non-existent emails neither do they get filtered out.

In fact, its most expensive plan even offers “direct e-mails to journalists”. The company sends direct emails to these journalists instead of just sending them out to a group/company e-mail.

It’s also the official partner for PR Newswire, the oldest press release newswire.

One of its unique features is that it allows unlimited backlinks. All its releases are edited in two phases which increases content quality.

Has this “Industry target” feature. These are different industries you can target for your release. The total no. of industries you can target depends on your pricing plan.

Do note that it charges extra for embedding of images and videos. International distribution too is available.

It’s cheaper to provide your own release to eRelases. That’s because if they write it for you, there’s an additional $300.00 charge.

Finally for the pricing, it has 3 plans. The cheapest plan starts at  $299.00, the second plan costs $399.00 while the most expensive plan goes for $599.00.

Unlike Press Pog, the plans do here do determine where you get published.

For support, unfortunately, there’s no live chat. They do have a telephone support for office hours.

4. 24-7 Press Release


This one’s one of the best press release distribution service because it has something for everyone. It has really cheap plans, and really expensive plans.

For starters, the distribution channels are pretty impressive. The release is sent to news sites, syndication sites, directly to journalists and bloggers and over 2000+ U.S news papers among other platforms

The pricing heavily influences the no. of features you get. The cheapest plan gets you 50 placements and then it progresses to 80+, 125+, and 250+ gradually with the more expensive plans.

Images, videos, quotes can be added with almost all the plans except for the cheapest. It even allows block quotes and personal Twitter/Facebook feeds but again only in the “not cheapest” plan.

On the two highest packages, it also publishes your release to the  24-7 Press Release Twitter account.

It too has “industry categories” you can choose from. Again, the no. of industries you can target depends on your pricing plan.

It has 4 plans. Note that for any plan, the maximum no. of releases you get is 1. It’s just the distribution channels and a few minor differences which determine the pricing.

The cheapest plan starts at $49.00/release. It’s the one with least exposure. The most expensive plan costs $389.00 with two other mid-range plans in-between.

5. Send2Press


It’s a press release distribution service that’s been in business for over 35 years. I must admit, its distribution packages are a bit confusing.

However, the U.S national packge does include the “direct to editors” feature.

The distribution channels and platforms are pretty standard. Various Newswires, Google News, Apple News, etc. It’s also a partner to Associated Press as well as Financial Content network.

It does allow for both types of submissions, meaning manual submission or getting it written from them. If they write it for you, there’s an additional charge starting at $89.00 (and goes up depending on content and revisions).

I did say it has confusing plans, didn’t I? So, there are a total of 6 X2 (6 plans, two sub-plans “basic” and “Pro” for each are available) plans.

These are primarily based on region (national/state/regional) but you can also opt for industry-based packages or just “online” publications.

Again, the pricing plans do affect the no. and type of platforms your release gets published at.

The cheapest plan sells for $89.00.

6. Pressat


Pressat may or may not be the best press release distribution service, however, it sure is one of the simplest in the industry.

The interface is automated, clean and easy to understand. In fact, there’s a “newsroom” where each release is also hosted. This allows journalists and media to find your release even on their own.

It has a few hundred syndication partners which almost guarantee exposure to over 10 million readers and subscribers worldwide.

Its current client-base already includes names such as The Guardian, Good Food, Yahoo etc. which speaks volumes for its service, doesn’t it?

It also has “add-ons” one can opt for. Add-ons for Press Association, Nasdaq, London Stock Exchange, etc are available.

All releases are also sent to its 33,000+ email subscribers.

It allows targeting readers based on country, continent or just “globally”. Each of these have their own pricing plans.

The one difference it offers from the other best press release distribution services 2021 is that it allows images and files to be attached for free.

The packages are simple. You can either publish just 1 release for £110.00, publish 5 releases for £290.00 or even publish 18 releases for £1499.00.

Final words- Which is the best PR Release service in 2021?

In my opinion, it’s Press Pog if you’re looking for a pocket-friendly yet exposure-rich PR distribution service.

Sure, there are other options on this list either equally good, or better. But, in most cases, those cost 3-4x of what Press Pog is charging.

Moreover, Press Pog is the only option on this list which “guarantees” you a minimum of 275 publications. They even “write” your release for free which no other option on this list does!

Although, if money isn’t an issue for you, EIN Presswire or eReleases would make you (very) happy as well.

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