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6 Best Budget Squat Racks for Home Gyms (Under $400)

By Jessicashaw

Looking for a budget-friendly squat rack for your home gym? Here are the best squat racks under $400, including key features, cons, and much more.

Best Budget Squat Racks

Power racks and squat racks are one of the best investments you can make for your home gym.

Although commercial-grade racks used to be prohibitively expensive, nowadays there is a TON of competition for durable and budget-friendly power racks.

The best budget power rack under $400 is the REP Fitness PR-1100.

With a ton of added safety attachments, quality construction, and excellent brand reputation, the PR-1100 is our runaway top pick.

In this guide, we will look at the best budget power racks under $400, including key features, pros, cons, and also offer up some slightly more expensive racks as alternatives.

Let’s jump right in.

We Love Squat Racks

Squat racks are our passion—we’ve tested, researched, and squatting inside over 50 squat racks, power racks, squat stands, and folding squat racks over the years.

As a group of athletes, personal trainers, and workout nerds, we’ve got some deep insight into what makes a good rack.

From the bombproof $5,500 rack to the bare-bones $200 squat rack, we’ve tried them all.

REP Fitness PR-1100 Power Rack


CAP Barbell Power Rack$200**

Titan Fitness T-2 Series Power Rack$340

Fitness Reality 810XLT Squat Rack$278

Rogue RML-90SLIM Wall-Mounted Rack$380

Sunny Health & Fitness Power Cage$379**

** Frequently sold out on Amazon. Price accurate at the time of writing.

How We Chose the Best Budget Power Racks


Price is the leading ranking factor in our comparisons of the squat racks in this list. We applied a $400 hard cap on the price of the racks on the list.

There are plenty of squat racks in the $401-$1,000 range, but we kept it strictly really budget-friendly in this list.

Weight capacity.

Budget racks are great, cheap racks are not. Nobody wants a flimsy rack that shifts, teeters, and breaks down from use.

Power racks should be able to handle a lot of weight. We only included racks that could handle substantial weight (800lbs).

Budget Squat Racks for Home Gyms


Just because the racks don’t cost a lot doesn’t mean you need to skimp on features and customization.

One of the primary ranking features in this roundup is how many options you have for pimping out your rack according to your individual needs.

A power rack is just the beginning—accessorizing the rack means you can turn it into a full all-in-one home gym.

Brand reputation.

Anytime you spend a lot of money on something, you want to have the peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable company.

This list features only racks that have the backstop of good brand reputation. This ensures that you can deal with any issues that come up accordingly.

There are TONS of dodgy third-party sellers hocking cheap and flimsy racks that are poorly built. As you can imagine, we did not include those racks in this list.

Best Squat Racks Under $400

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, let’s get right into our comprehensive analysis of the best racks for home gyms under $400.

REP Fitness PR-1100 Power Rack

Best overall budget-friendly squat rack for most lifters

Price: $379

The REP Fitness PR-1100 Power Rack is the best budget squat rack for home and garage gyms.

REP offers the PR-1100 in four different colors, features a flat-foot design that means you don’t have to damage your floor by bolting it down, and instead of the cheapo safety catches that most budget racks ship with, REP includes a pair of premium plastic-lined J-hooks.

Other killer features include numbered uprights (so you can easily line up your barbell when adjusting the height of the bar), a wide range of attachments (including an extension kit that turns the PR-1100 into a six-column rack), and an extra wide back cross-member for added stability.

There really isn’t anything else on the market that is as versatile and as budget-friendly as the PR-1100.

Combine that with REP Fitness’ excellent customer service and solid reputation for quality builds, and we’ve got a runaway winner for best budget-friendly squat rack.


  • Costs just $379
  • Also available in a shorty version (the REP PR-1050 Power Rack)
  • Numbered uprights for even barbell placement
  • Free shipping


  • 14-gauge steel frame, which is the thinnest you will find in a squat rack
Best Budget Squat Racks - REP Fitness PR-1100
Shop @ REP Fitness

CAP Barbell Power Rack

Best for: Short spaces and color options

Price: Starts at around $200 (depending on availability)

One of the best squat racks that you can find on Amazon, the CAP Barbell Power Rack is an absolute stud at a bargain price.

It retails for just over $200, making it by far one of the best budget-friendly options for squat racks. CAP Barbell is a respected brand—I’ve used and abused tons of their gear and found them to be durable—and one of the few squat rack brands that I trust on Amazon.

The rack is available in three different color combinations, in two different heights (6 feet or 7 feet), and a powder-coated finish to prevent rusting and corrosion.

CAP also has a really solid line of power rack attachments, including plate holders and dip station, also priced very reasonably.

The downsides of this rack include the safety catches being kind of trash (I’d highly recommend upgrading to better J-hooks) and that because of its price and build quality, it’s almost always out of stock on Amazon.


  • One of the least expensive racks on the market
  • Three different color combinations to match the look of your home gym
  • One of the few quality squat racks you will find on Amazon
  • Comes with safety catches and safety bars
  • Flat-foot design that doesn’t have to be bolted down
  • Tons of quality rack attachment options (also inexpensive)


  • Safety catches aren’t as good as J-hooks (you will want to upgrade them)
  • Very frequently out of stock on Amazon
Best Budget Squat Racks - CAP Barbell Power Rack
Shop @ Amazon

Titan Fitness T-2 Series Power Rack

Best budget short squat rack

Price: $340

Titan Fitness is a worthy competitor to Rogue Fitness, which makes the best strength training equipment for home and commercial gyms.

Although they don’t manufacture their racks in the USA like Rogue, the racks are inexpensive and sturdy.

The Titan Fitness T-2 Series Power Rack is a killer entry-level power rack for people new to building out a home gym.

The rack is a bargain at just $340. Like the CAP Barbell Rack, it comes in a short version (choose between 71” or 83”).

The 71” option is one of the shortest squat racks on the market, perfect for basements and low-clearance rooms.

While it’s designed to be a freestanding rack, the T-2 has extended feet at the front and at the back which can be bolted down into the ground for added stability.

The T-2 Series also includes all the safety attachments you need to get started on day one with your new rack, including safety pins, J-hooks (way better than the safety catches the CAP Barbell Rack has), and even weight plate pegs for storing your bumper plates or cast iron plates.


  • Priced to win at just $340
  • Can be bolted down for added stability (but not mandatory)
  • 2” x 2” 12-gauge steel frame
  • Nearly 20 additional attachment options, including an extension kit
  • Shorty version (71”)


  • Not ideal for taller lifters
Best Budget Squat Racks - Titan Fitness T-2 Series Power Rack
Shop @ Titan Fitness

Fitness Reality 810XLT Squat Rack

Runner-up for best budget squat rack on Amazon

Price: $278

Amazon can be a bit of a dice roll when it comes to buying inexpensive fitness equipment. Fitness Reality is one of the few brands on Amazon’s site that sells quality stuff.

The Fitness Reality 810XLT Squat Rack is an inexpensive, no-frills flat-footed squat rack that is rated for up to 800lbs, making it more than sturdy enough for most users.

Each rack includes safety spotter bars, chrome safety catches, and a multi-grip pull-up bar. The frame is 2” x 2” 14-gauge steel and the 810XLT is rated for up to 800lbs.

That said, thanks to the continuing morass of global supply chain disruptions and increased demand for squat racks, it is very frequently out of stock on Amazon.


  • Costs just $278
  • Rack height of 83.5” is ideal for most users
  • Has over 8,000 five-star reviews on Amazon
  • 3” spacing between the holes
  • Steel gussets and crossmember bars for added strength


  • At 150lbs, it isn’t as sturdy as other comparable racks
  • Thinner steel construction—14-gauge steel
Budget Squat Racks - Fitness Reality 810XLT
Shop @ Amazon

Rogue RML-90SLIM Wall-Mounted Rack

Best budget squat rack for saving space

Price: $380

We’ve reviewed a ton of Rogue squat racks over the years, from the Rogue R-3 Rack (best “everyman” rack for home gyms), the Rogue R-6 Monster Rack, and the best folding squat rack in the game, the Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Squat Rack.

The Rogue RML-90SLIM Wall-Mounted Rack is the least expensive rack in Rogue’s lineup at just $380. The RML-90SLIM is not only inexpensive, but it’s also the best space-saving option when it comes to budget squat racks.

Attached to the studs in your home, the rack extends just 14” from the wall.

Rogue’s racks are built for battle, and the RML-90SLIM is no exception. With 3” x 3” 11-gauge steel uprights, it has the strongest frame of all the racks on this list.

Other key features include Westside hole spacing (more holes = more options for placing your barbell) and compatibility with the line of Monster Lite attachments.

(Nearly 80 different attachment options, from bar holders to dip stations to safety bars, at last count.)

A wall-mounted rack is definitely for the more experienced lifter, as you don’t get the benefit of being able to lift inside the rack to utilize safety pins.

Made in the USA to Rogue’s exacting standards, and made with American steel, the Rogue RML-90SLIM is the best space-saving budget squat rack on the market.


  • Thickest steel frame among budget squat racks
  • Westside hole spacing
  • Nearly 80 attachment options for endless versatility
  • Powder coated matte black


  • Doesn’t have safety pins for spotting heavy lifts
  • Pull-up bar not included
Best Budget Squat Racks - Rogue RML-90SLIM Wall Mounted Rack
Shop @ Rogue Fitness

Sunny Health & Fitness Power Cage

Price: $329

The Sunny Health & Fitness Power Cage is an extremely versatile rack that you can easily upgrade into a full home gym.

The base rack costs $329, but there are plenty of package deals, including a rack + lat pulldown + weight bench combo that costs $729. You can go full a la carte with the Sunny Health & Fitness Rack, which also has over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Other key features include a multi-grip pull up bar, six resistance band pegs (rack must be bolted down to use them, however), and a 1,000lb weight capacity, making it one of the strongest racks in this list.

The J-hooks are legit, the rack comes with spotter bars, and even though it is made with 14-gauge steel, the squat rack is sturdy and ready for your big lifts.

The only things that I didn’t like about this rack are that Sunny doesn’t have a ton of attachment options, and the J-hooks don’t have plastic at the front of them to protect your barbell from scratches.

All that said, the Sunny Health & Fitness Power Rack is an excellent rack for beginner and intermediate lifters who want to build out a solid home gym without breaking the bank.


  • Comes with J-hooks, plate pegs, and a textured multi-grip pull-up bar
  • Budget-friendly bundle options (lat pulldown attachment, etc)


  • Limited attachment options
  • Frequently sold out on Amazon
Best Budget Squat Racks - Sunny Health and Fitness Power Rack
Shop @ Amazon

Budget-Friendly Squat Racks — FAQs

Are cheap squat racks safe?

Power racks are designed to handle a lot of weight and are made with steel, making them very safe.

Even the “cheap” squat racks are still exceptionally strong, with most of them designed to handle up to 800lbs of weight.

There are also things you can do to make lifting safer while using the rack, including using spotter pins or safety straps, weighing down the rack with your weight plates, and not exercising on the outside of the rack, causing a potential tip-over.


Almost all of the racks on this list don’t need to be bolted down, but there are optional feet you can add to the front of the rack that can’t be drilled into your lifting platform or floor for more stability.

(See also: Do You Have to Bolt Down a Squat Rack? (Plus How to Do It and Alternatives for Anchoring Your Rack)

Is buying a power rack worth it?

Power racks are an excellent investment in your home gym and your health goals.

Even though racks were primarily designed for squats, they can be customized with a HUGE variety of power rack attachments, including lat pulldowns, J-hooks, multi-grip pull-up bars, and much more to make them a true all-in-one home gym.

How much should a squat rack cost?

Squat racks cost anywhere from $200 to $5,500 and upwards.

Sturdy squat racks average around $800 as they have thicker uprights and thicker steel (measured in gauge) compared to the budget-friendly racks on this list.

For a full breakdown of the cost of squat racks, check out this detailed list.

The Bottom Line

Buying a squat rack and building out a killer home gym doesn’t need to break the bank.

Especially when you consider all of the time and money you save by ditching the commute to the gym and the membership fees.

With some excellent squat racks costing less than $400, there’s never been a better time to invest in your gainz and your health with a squat rack of your own.

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