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6 Beautiful Wedding Table Centerpieces and Arrangements

By Weddingblog2011

One of the first things guests will notice at your reception is the way you’ve decorated your tables. This is one of the largest elements of a reception and often helps convey your theme. Here are 6 beautiful wedding table centerpieces and arrangements you can use for inspiration.

Fall Wedding Table

This beautiful arrangement just screams fall, with short vases full of orange-colored blossoms and taller vases with sprays of yellow flowers. The overall arrangement is simple, but the effect is breathtaking.

Fall Wedding Centerpieces

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Flowers Galore

This table is absolutely overflowing with blossoms – roses, ranunculus, and more. The vases are super high, so conversation between guests is no problem. The effect is truly magical.

Large Flower Centerpieces

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Who says greenery can’t be absolutely beautiful? This table arrangement is stunning and uses large greenery elements in tall glass vases.

Greenery Centerpieces

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A Royal Feel

This table setting is very simple, but absolutely gorgeous. Tall, antique gold vases hold fluffy bouquets of colorful flowers.

Royal Wedding Centerpieces

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Delicate Beauty

This fantastic look combines hydrangeas and pale pink roses to create a whimsical effect. They are placed in a single tall glass on the table with floral elements in the water.

Delicate Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Pretty in Gold

This look is fantastic – they’ve used a bold patterned tablecloth and kept the centerpiece simple. It features elegant calla lilies in golden containers surrounded by pale gold candle holders.

Flowers in Gold Vases

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These are just a few ideas of the amazing things you can do with your table arrangements and centerpieces to create a magical feeling at your reception.

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