6 Apps That Will Help You Meet Your Goals into Your Digital Life

Posted on the 01 July 2019 by Anees @ZulfiqarAAnees

We all know the importance of establishing objectives, goals to be carried out that make us responsible, tell us what we really want and help us to keep moving forward. Whether we want to start a new project, spend more time at home, launch a new product or lose weight, many of us set our goals but do not set time to meet them or keep track of our progress to achieve them.

Integrating your goals into your digital life is a simple way to keep them in mind and stay motivated. There are applications that even allow you to share your goals with your friends so that you feel more pressure when it comes to achieving them, but also count on their support and support.

Try it with these six apps and manage to cross out some of the objectives that you have in your list of slopes:

1. GoalsOnTrack (available for iOS, Android and Windows, as well as for desktop)

Based on the best practices of psychology and the principles of personal development, this app of personal productivity and objectives guides you through the process to establish your goals, from recording them, understanding their purpose, putting a start and end date, to creating an action plan and keep track of progress.

You can use one of their templates and customize your own action plan, and then record your progress by checking each action you complete. This program also includes a journal in which you can write your progress and a record of your habits that gives you a visual guide to success.

2. LifeTick (has plans for teams of 10 people, or free individual versions, available for iOS and Android)

This app starts asking you to establish your fundamental values, and then, as in GoalsOnTrack, it asks you to follow the SMART plan, that is to say that they are specific, measurable, realistic objectives, assigned to a person and with a specific temporality (SMART for the acronyms in English) and that you create tasks or necessary steps to achieve each objective. Then you can mark the achievements made and review them in a journal related to all your activities.

LifeTick also allows you to invite other people to see your progress. Your cheerleading team can see what you’ve done and add comments to keep you motivated along the way. There is also a business version in which you can set group goals, assign tasks and monitor the progress of each team member.

3. IRUNURUN (free for iOS and Android)

This app of performance and accountability claims that actions say more than objectives. Start by writing the action or habit you want to monitor. Then assign it a value on a scale of 1 to 100. At the beginning of the week, your marker will start at 0 and it will increase as you perform the actions you introduced. If you perform each action at the set time, you will end the week with a perfect 100.

This app also allows you to share the experience with other people, so you can invite your friends, family and colleagues to any action you want, sharing the responsibility with them to motivate you in your progress. Irunurun has three versions of its app, one personal, another for teams and another for business.

4. Habit List (free for iOS and Android)

This app allows you to monitor your wins, that is, the number of times in a row you made a habit. You can create flexible schedules for habits that have to be done on specific days or at intervals (like writing your blog twice a week or going to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday). In addition, Habit List sends reminders so you do not forget any activity.

5. (there is a free and paid version that includes coaching sessions, it is available for iOS and Android).

This app starts with the premise that goals are easier to achieve when you have to give an account to someone else. Using collective motivation, this app allows you to choose your objectives and then select the type of coaching you need: advice and / or motivation of the Lift community. You can also hire a coach, receive advice from other users and put reminders to perform your tasks.

6. StickK (free for iOS and Android)

If the graphs and visualization boards are not enough to motivate you, you may need the StickK strategies. This app, developed by Yale economist, will charge you money if you do not achieve your goals. A real engagement contract will tie you to your goals. You set the objective and the time in which you need to do it, and then you determine how much money you want to pay and to whom, in case you do not get it.

The next thing is to appoint a referee to monitor your progress. This person will act as an independent and objective third party that connects to the app and monitors what you have done (you can also choose the honor model, in which you do it alone, without a referral). If you still need more motivation you can choose a StickK back-up panel in the animation section and upload messages in your engagement journal,

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