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#50 Crop Circle from Avebury in 2008

By Grasshopper
#50 Crop Circle from Avebury in 2008
This crop circle from Avebury Manor, UK in 2008  depicts the planets in our solar system in the position they'll be in on December 21, 2012. All nine planets appear there precisely as they will be located in space on that date, plus an accurate elliptical orbit for Pluto.The depiction in the Avebury crop circle indicates an incoming object in our solar system in Dec. 2012, arriving on a steep elliptical orbit, and a solar eruption extending as far out as Venus.
I'll be speaking more about the importance of ths crop circle and why we need to be prepared.

The Study of Crop Circles is based on facts:
  • Crop Circles exist.
  • They are found all over the world.
  • More than 6,000 have been documented since 1980.
  • Over the last twenty years analyses of thousands of plant and soil specimens from hundreds of formations worldwide have been carried out in laboratories in various countries, and most extensively in the UK and in the USA.
  • These analyses show that the cellular structure of the plants has been strongly affected and that the composition of the soil greatly altered in crop circles (man made designs exhibit no such results).
  • Their designs are based on complex geometry, ancient symbology and advanced mathematics.
  • They can be decoded.
  • The message that comes through is important for mankind at present
(From the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group)

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