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5 Wedding Etiquette No No’s You Should Avoid

By Weddingblog2011

While weddings and engagements have certainly become more laid-back in recent years, there are still some no-nos that couples should avoid. Make sure to add these 5 things to your “don’ts” list while planning your wedding.

Wedding Announcements – While wedding announcements in the newspaper are fine, if you or your spouse have been married in the past, you must make sure that the previous marriage is completely dissolved. In addition, children and ex husbands or wives should be told before the announcement is posted.

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Registries – Never announce where you’re registered on the wedding invitation. Some women do include a registry card in a wedding shower invitation, but many still consider this to be rude. You can, however, announce where you’re registered on your wedding website.

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Showers – Never invite a guest to a wedding shower who will not be invited to the wedding. This is rude and can be very hurtful to the guest, who will feel as though you simply wanted them at the shower for a gift.


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Expenses – Don’t assume your wedding party can afford everything. Think of their expenses for attire, travel, accessories, missed work, etc.

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Gifts – It is considered extremely rude to ask for a specific type of gift. For instance, asking guests for cash instead of gifts is a big no-no. Also, registering for only high-priced items is a no-no. Make sure you register for a wide range of gifts, from a few dollars up. This lets everyone have the chance of choosing a gift you want that they can afford.

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The very last thing you want to do is offend your wedding guests. Stick to these tips and stay away from those big wedding no-no’s.

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