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5 Ways To Move Your Body More Today Than Yesterday

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

These excellent suggestions are from Dr Mark Alders. Please check out the blog f to read more about his work.

As children, we moved constantly and often were told to stay still, or to not fidget.  As adults, years of this advice and the demands that come with responsibility seem to take hold and we become far too sedentary.  Ironically, the more you move the healthier you tend to be, and the more you fight the natural aging process.  You don’t have to begin a hard-core fitness routine to get moving and start taking small steps to improve your health.  Here are 5 things you can to today, that will help you move more than you did yesterday.

  1. Park Your Car On the Far-End of the Parking Lot - Many people will roam the parking lot, or even sit with their car idling to get just the right spot close to the store, restaurant or other destination (so they’re up close).  Have they walked so much that day, that those few extra steps are simply unbearable?  Save yourself the time and agony of seeking parking lot perfection and change your mind-set.  Look for the farthest parking spot from your destination capitalize on those extra steps.  Over a full day, month, year, this will make a difference, and you’ll almost always find a space more quickly.
  2. Just Say “No” to Elevators - Unless you have a legitimate reason (e.g. injury, carrying something large, etc.) use the stairs.  If you work in a building with a number of floors, count how many floors you climb, and monitor over time to track your progress.
  3. Take Your Phone Calls Standing Up - Sitting not only means you’re not moving, but research has shown that it contributes to a number of key health risks including lower-back problems.  As humans, we need to sit a lot less, and stand and move a lot more to remain healthy.  Many working professionals literally sit in front of their computers or in meetings for 8+ hours each day.  Try taking your phone calls (or some of them) standing up.  It will keep you moving, and will likely give you a mental boost to drive a highly engaged conversation as well.
  4. Go Say “Hello” to a Colleague or Neighbor -  Pick 2 or 3 colleagues or neighbors and stop by their office or home just to say “hello.”  It will get you out of the office/house, add some more movement to your day, and help you reconnect and nurture important relationships.
  5. Take A Walk - Whether you’re a morning person, or someone who prefers the transition of dusk after a long day of work, breathing fresh air and soaking up some out-door time is always a good thing.  Whether you’re alone with your thoughts, with a pet, a child, or a significant other it’s amazing how a simple 15 minute walk around the neighborhood can refresh and rejuvenate.

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