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5 Ways To Make Your Mother Feel Special This Mother’s Day

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

If in the past you’ve found yourself rushing about to find a card and a box of chocolates at the last minute on Mother’s Day perhaps you should do things a little differently this time round?

Instead of just showing your mother that you’re capable of remembering what day it is, why not make her feel truly special with a couple of these suggestion?

Give her a beautiful bouquet

One surefire way to make your mother feel special is with a fantastic bouquet of flowers. Mother’s Day flowers will mean the most to your mum if you’re able to select a bouquet full of her favourite colours and species, so if you’re not sure what they are try to subtly find out!

Treat her to afternoon tea

Taking your mother out somewhere posh for afternoon tea complete with finger sandwiches, scones, sweet pastries, and of course a pot of tea is a great way to make her feel like she’s getting the VIP treatment. If you choose somewhere really nice like a stately home or a tea room in a beautiful park you can even make a day of it.

Pamper her at a spa

You’re probably well aware of all the hard work that your mum has to do whether or not she’s still got any children living at home. It can be hard to make mums relax, but tempting her with a spa treatment is one way to ensure that her cares are forgotten about for an afternoon at least.

Cook a delicious meal

For many families mum is still the cook in the house. Letting her put her feet up while you cook the family dinner won’t just give her some extra free time, it’ll also make you appreciate all the time she’s spent keeping you fed! Cooking her favourite meal complete with a starters and dessert will undoubtedly leave her with a big smile on her face.

Give her something from your hands and heart

Hand making something for Mother’s Day might sound like something you used to do when you were a little boy or girl, but it’s still sure to make your mum feel special precisely because you can’t just pick it up at the shops. If your mum enjoys reading, for example, something as simple as a hand-made bookmark perhaps using a part of one of her favourite artist’s pictures will show plenty of thought. As well as hand-making a gift, you could also hand-make the card, complete with your own poem!

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