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5 Ways To Conduct Group Therapy Or Group Counselling Session

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

There is no fixed criteria to conduct a group therapy or group counseling session. It might vary depending on the purpose, audience, reason, or kind. It can be closed door or open door. Group therapy has its own benefits. That, I will discuss in a separate post. In this post, I would like to cover various ways in which a group therapy or group counseling session can be conducted. Actually, the original or generic group therapy started with sitting in a circle and discussing about feelings, queries, doubts, solutions, etc. This method is still quite popular. But over a period of time, a number of other methods and ways evolved that prove to be meaningful and fruitful. The purpose of a session like this is to reap maximum benefits for each participant. It is quite different from one to one session.

Ways Conduct Group Therapy Counselling Session

Group therapy can be conducted anywhere. Most places where it is conducted doesn't reply on one type of group therapy. Though there can be multiple ways to conduct a group therapy or group counseling session, in this article, I will try to cover 5 ways to conduct group therapy sessions. Those are as below:

1. Special walk or tour session: Special walk or tour can turn out to be a very productive method of conducting a group therapy or group counseling session. It can help a lot on breaking the ice and creating an initial bond among the participants. These kind of group outings can be quite productive and useful.

2. Workshop: A workshop can be very helpful in creating a right kind of atmosphere for a specific kind of session including any particular skill building.

3. Classes: Classroom and training prove to be quite fruitful ways.

4. Creative Therapy: Expressive and creative therapies like music, dance, painting, writing are very useful and effective.

5. Video Conferencing: In the current COVID19 pandemic situation where social distancing is quite crucial and traveling is a limitation due to lockdown, video conferencing is one of the most effective way.

The top ten benefits of group counseling are the best way to understand the importance of group therapy or group counseling.

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