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5 Ways to Add Lemon to Your DIY Beauty Routine

By Anshulika

Jars of honey and lemons on wooden table

Love your lemonade? So do us! It is not only a refreshing drink for a hot summer evening but also one that brings in a lot of vitamins and nourishment to the body. But what if we told you that the humble lime could help you rid the skin from age spots, acne, pimples and more? Would that excite you enough to start your own DIY hair and skin care routine from today; at least to incorporate the use of lime in your beauty regime? It certainly would!

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Here are five ways to add lemon to your DIY beauty routine and ready for the fabulous hair and lovely skin to flaunt:
1. Treat your dandruff and grime:

One teaspoon of honey and a cup of lime juice to rid the scalp of dandruff and grime. Yes, you read that right. While honey is a natural moisturizer, lemon concentrate with all its vitamins nourishes the skin and scalp while keeping the surface healthy and clean.

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