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5 Ways Technology Can Make Staying in Fun

By Attireclub @attireclub

This year, staying in has become the new going out. Many of us have found ourselves spending more time at home with restrictions invoked after a global pandemic. Travel has been restricted, and in many cases, we have not been able to go away abroad for holidays as we would normally. This has seen many people inventing new ways to have fun without having to leave the house. Technology has enabled us to create plenty of in-house entertainment. There are many things you can do to take advantage of everything it has to offer in order to ensure that you don't get bored while you are locked down.

Online learning

5 Ways Technology Can Make Staying in Fun

There are plenty of online courses free to access, and many other online schools and colleges offer low-cost ways to study new subjects. There is such a diverse range on offer, from candle making to new languages, astronomy to dog training and many more. You do not have to participate in online learning as part of work; it can simply be to find out more about something you have always had an interest in. Many courses do come with certificates of completion, and some offer nationally recognized qualifications, whereas others are simply for fun. However, it's a great way to spend your time learning new things to broaden your horizons. What's even better is that many courses are free and some can be purchased at low prices, especially if bought in a bundle.

Virtual tours

Okay, so you may not actually be able to travel to deepest darkest Peru, or head over to America to drive on Route 66. But, thanks to technology, there are plenty of virtual tours on the Internet where you can have a look around some of the most fascinating places on earth without actually leaving your sofa. There are two different ways of experiencing online tours. The first is just to look at your computer screen, but the second is even more immersive and involves virtual reality headsets to take yourself right into the middle of the action. It all depends on what you fancy, but there are plenty of things on offer and a great way to explore the world. For some people, this is enough, and they enjoy virtual tours whereas for other people it is simply a taster of what is to come when restrictions are lifted, and they are able to get on a plane and fly away. Surely, virtual traveling cannot replace the real experience, but it can be a way to learn and have fun.

5 Ways Technology Can Make Staying in Fun

There are plenty of ways to get your gaming entertainment online from online live-action role-playing games to mobile apps to casinos and sports betting. Whether you want to play as part of a community or are happy just to play alone, there are so many different games from puzzles to logic to action and adventure there is certainly something available for everyone. Again, all of these games range from free to play to paid experiences, so it's entirely up to you whether you want to spend any money or not. Obviously, casino-style games generally involve betting, so spending money - be sure to set yourself limits and don't go out of your comfort zone with what you can afford. Many of the live-action role-playing communities offer a lively interaction where people have made lifelong friends, and this can also help if you are finding the effects of lockdown make you quite lonely.

Get together

While we might not be able to physically meet up with friends and family, especially if they are in different tiers or restricted areas to us, there are still ways you can see your loved ones online. With apps like Zoom and Skype, you can use video to see each other live, and chat either using the keyboard or voice at any time. The lockdown saw an increase of older members of our community learning to use such tools, enabling them to keep in contact with grandchildren. There are also technology devices available so that you can control the screen of an older loved one who may experience difficulties when it comes to sorting out such technologies. They have definitely been a valuable social connection, and if you have a broadband package, they do not need to cost any extra money.

Music and television

Having more time on our hands has led to many of us exploring new music and television a full stop as well as standard television like Sky and BBC there are many interactive apps like Netflix, Amazon prime, and more that offer a subscription-based service to a wide range of films and television shows on-demand whenever the mood takes you. We have heard of many film clubs being developed, where friends in different locations or watch the same film simultaneously and use many of the instant messaging services available to discuss what they are watching similar to attending a cinema together. On-demand apps are great because there is no schedule, and you can simply pick it up and put it down whenever the mood takes you and watch whatever you like. There has also been a rise in pop stars creating online virtual concerts for their fans who have not been able to attend in person this year. It gives a different experience, but overall people are managing to see it as something positive as they can still enjoy their favourite music. It is likely that this is one experience that will go back to normal once lockdown has ended, but it's nice to have the option for people who don't leave the house for other reasons.


5 Ways Technology Can Make Staying in Fun

Last, but certainly not least, shopping is of course a great way to spend your time online. Not only can you buy a variety of things, but you can also sell items you no longer need and which may turn out to be someone else's treasure. Of course, we don't encourage excessive spending.

Hopefully, the world will return to open-air concerts, relaxed traveling and very personal interactions. Until then, however, one can prepare in the digital world.

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